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An EB-3 visa permits certain foreign nationals to apply for permanent residency in the U.S. based on their employment, but applying for one can be a complicated matter. DC EB-3 visa attorneys give clients a complete assessment of their circumstances at the outset and keep them informed of the status of their case. They have extensive experience with Employment visas and can provide you with the services you need along the way. A DC EB-3 visa lawyer can assist you with the process from start to finish, help you determine your eligibility and the appropriate labor category, and assist you through the duration of the application process.

Experienced DC EB-3 visa lawyers assist clients with determining their eligibility for an EB-3 visa and assessing the best category to apply under. They can provide clients with assistance throughout the application process, including completing the requisite employer certifications and forms, and ensuring the information is submitted correctly and in a timely manner. They can assist clients with filing petitions for family members to be admitted to the U.S.

Requirements and Eligibility

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is responsible for processing applications for EB-3 visas. The following types of workers may be eligible:

  • Skilled workers, typically those whose jobs require at least 2 years of experience or training;
  • Professionals whose jobs require at least a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent; and
  • Other workers capable of performing unskilled labor.

While the requirements for the “other workers” category are less strict than the other two categories, there is a larger backlog for that category, so applicants seeking an EB-3 visa should apply as either skilled workers or professionals if they qualify. A DC EB-3 visa lawyer with our firm can help you to decide which category might be the best decision for you.

Individuals who receive an EB-3 visa may petition to have their spouse and children under the age of 21 admitted to the U.S., and spouses can apply with USCIS for employment authorization while in the U.S.

Process for Obtaining a Visa

To apply for an EB-3 visa, an individual’s employer must first obtain a labor certification from the Secretary of Labor. To do this, the employee must have a permanent, full-time employment offer from the employer. Additionally, the employer must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Department of Labor that there are not enough available workers in the particular field in the U.S. to perform the kind of work that the foreign national will be performing. This provision is meant to protect potential U.S. workers from having their positions taken by foreign nationals, and is the most rigorous requirement of the EB-3 process.

Once the case is certified by the Department of Labor, the employer must complete a Form I-140 and provide proof that they are able to pay the wage offered to the employee. The completed form must be submitted to USCIS.

How an EB-3 Visa Lawyer Can Help You

Determining your eligibility and completing your EB-3 visa application is no easy task. Let our experienced immigration attorneys help. Our DC EB-3 visa lawyers can conduct a full assessment of your situation to determine your eligibility for an EB-3 visa and figure out the best category to apply under.

We will work with you and your employer to complete each step of the process efficiently and can provide you with the guidance you need to submit your application. Get your initial consultation today.

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