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Immigration law is difficult to navigate because of a constantly changing legal landscape. It can, however, be successfully navigated by experienced immigration attorneys that focus on understanding the law and advising clients toward paths that are most beneficial for them.

If you are seeking United States citizenship, a green card, a family visa, or a work visa, contact an accomplished Prince George’s County immigration attorney to ensure that you are protected throughout the process and that you submit a complete application on your first attempt.


Becoming a U.S. citizen is important to some non-citizen residents because it includes sponsorship opportunities, voting rights, and more leniency to travel internationally, among other benefits.

Completing the citizenship application can be tedious and the entire process can be made more difficult based on criminal history, a determination of moral character, and anything else that the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) staff deems concerning when processing a citizenship application.

Green Cards

The process of obtaining a green card varies based on whether the individual applying for the green card lives in the U.S. or another country and the method used to obtain a green card. Since there is more than one approach to applying for a green card, the process of doing so can be confusing without the help of a PG County’s immigration attorney.

Obtaining a green card, however, is worth the hassle to secure it. It allows a non-citizen to live and work permanently in the United States, with few restrictions, so long as the green card holder does not engage in any action(s) that would make them removable.

Family Visas

Petitioning for a family member’s status as a permanent resident is an often complex, frustrating, and lengthy. It requires qualifying familial relationships. Qualifying relationships means identifying how the relative is related. Immediate family is given priority to enter the U.S. and there is no restriction on how many immediate relatives may immigrate.

Additionally, petitioning for a family member’s status requires proving financial ability to sponsor the relative or alternative methods of providing financial assistance for the relative, if the sponsor is unable to do so, among many other considerations.

Establishing financial ability or the alternative requires extensive documentation. That coupled with the length of time necessary to move through the process necessitates the help of a PG County’s immigration lawyer.

Work Visas

When there is a need to enter the U.S. temporarily to perform work for an employer, a work visa is necessary. Prior to the worker submitting an application, the employer must submit a petition to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Thereafter, the prospective employee submits an application for a work visa.

The petition and application process for obtaining a work visa is complicated because there are multiple types of work visa and a plethora of requirements that must be met, such as submitting an alien labor certification. Additionally, there is no guarantee that a petition or an application will be approved.

As such, it is best to ensure the first petition and application that are submitted are accurate, include the required information, and state with certainty the need for the prospective employee with the organization.

Contact a PG County’s Immigration Attorney

Prince George’s County immigration lawyers are available to help you throughout the process of seeking U.S. citizenship, a green card, family visas, and work visas, among others.

Contact a skilled immigration attorney in Prince George’s County to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about how their insightful immigration representation can ensure that your application is accurate and strong on the first submission.

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