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A green card holder has certain rights and responsibilities once they are awarded US lawful immigration status. If a green card holder fails to honor the responsibilities they agreed to when they were awarded lawful permanent status, the right to possess a green card and enjoy the benefits associated with the green card may be withdrawn by the U.S. government.

An experienced immigration lawyer in Baltimore helps green card holders, remove conditions of residency, petition for naturalization once the green card holder is eligible for U.S. citizenship. petition other family members for a green card and lawful permanent residence status, and provides legal representation if the green card holder is placed in removal proceedings, commonly known as deportation. To learn more or discuss the legal options available to you, consult with a Baltimore immigration lawyer today.

Requesting a Lawyer

Whenever a lawful permanent resident seeks an immigration benefit, a petition to remove conditions of residency for example or petitions a close relative, their own immigration path is examined for new information.

For example, if the green card holder commits a crime within the first three years following establishing lawful permanent residence status, not only will the green card holder not be able to petition a relative but may be placed in removal proceedings to revoke lawful immigration status, if the crime involves moral turpitude.

Family Petitions

An immediate relative, like parents, children, and siblings, are able to join the green card holder in the United States when a visa becomes available with the help of a Baltimore immigration attorney.

A US citizen petitioning any approved relative is not subject to cap or quota for admission; a green card holder must wait until a visa becomes available. In certain categories, like siblings, the waiting period may be over 10 years.

Rights of Permanent Residents

Part of the immigration process is understanding someone’s role as a green card holder. A US lawful permanent resident of the United States, is able to enjoy the following rights:

  • Live permanently in the United States
  • Work legally in the United States (unless job requires U.S. citizenship to hold)
  • Seek U.S. citizenship through naturalization
  • Petition relatives to join them in the United States (fiancé, spouse, parents, children, step-children, or siblings)
  • Is guaranteed equal protection by all the laws in the United States, including states and territories

Baltimore Residents

Green card holders have continuing responsibilities when they immigrate to the United States legally. As a Baltimore immigration lawyer can explain, these responsibilities include:

  • Obey all federal and state laws
  • File annual taxes with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Support the democratic form of government of the United States
  • Refrain from activities advocating for the overthrow of the United States
  • If male, between the ages of 18 and 25, register with the selective service

Working with a Baltimore Immigration Attorney

US immigration laws are complex and difficult to navigate. Petitions can be derailed because of simple errors or lack of knowledge of the requirements of the class and type of petition being sought. A Baltimore immigration lawyer helps guide people through this process by providing practical advice and counsel as well as representation in immigration matters.

Specializing in immigration law, the immigration attorney assists individuals and businesses seeking non-immigrant visa petitions, employment-based green cards, family-based green cards, naturalization or US citizenship, and representation in removal hearings.

Baltimore Immigration Lawyer

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