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Some people immigrate to the United States on their own educational, professional, or exceptional ability. A special category exists for these individuals or foreign workers, called employment based immigration. The foreign workers still need a sponsor. Instead of the sponsor being a relative it is an employer.

If someone is looking to start the citizenship process, they should contact a skilled immigration attorney. A Rockville immigration attorney can direct an individual seeking a green card through the course of immigration.

Employment-Based Immigration Attorney

The role of a Rockville immigration lawyer is to assist employers in petitioning foreign workers to join their workforce in the United States. The U.S. company is the petitioner and the foreign worker is a beneficiary.

The laws regarding employment-based immigration are constantly changing. A program or policy in place one year may be amended or withdrawn another year. It is important to seek the legal advice and representation of a Rockville immigration lawyer to understand if the position you seek to fill in your organization can be made by a foreign worker.

Processing times for employment-based immigration green cards are long and subject to annual quotas. Even if your foreign worker candidate is otherwise qualified, if there is no visa available, noemployment-basedd green card will be awarded.

Employment-Based Immigration Statistics

About 14 percent of the people who immigrated to the United States in 2015 were through the employment-based permanent immigrant category. Foreign-born immigrants account for 17 percent of the national workforce or approximately 26.7 million workers. 31 percent of foreign-born workers are employed in managerial or professional jobs.

Types of Immigration Cases

The employment-based Rockville immigration category is complex. The foreign worker, while desired by the Rockville company, has little rights during the approval process. In addition to possessing certain qualifications, there is an internal approval process prior to even filing a petition for an alien worker.

Once the foreign worker applies for a U.S. immigration benefit with a Rockville immigration lawyer, the foreign worker must be able to pass security clearances in Rockville through successful medical and background reviews. Items like prior criminal convictions, even for a minor infraction, can stop a case cold, resulting in a denial of a visa or green card for the foreign worker.

The most common employment-based immigration cases in Rockville include:

  • Labor certifications
  • Employment-based green cards
    • Priority workers
    • Professionals holding degrees
    • Persons of Exceptional Ability
    • Skilled Workers
    • Professional Workers
    • Non-skilled Workers
    • Certain Special Immigrants
    • Immigrant Investors
  • Non-immigrant Visas
    • Temporary worker visas
    • Nonimmigrant investor visas
  • Waivers
    • National interest waivers
    • J-1 waivers
    • EB5 investors
  • Treaty traders
  • Intercompany Transfers

Family Members

A spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 of the foreign worker, may apply for an employment-based green card in Rockville. However, the spouse and children must also successfully complete medical clearances, including a medical exam and vaccinations, as well as a background review for any security concerns.

Unlike family-based petitions, that have no caps or quotas, employment-based immigrant visa categories are subject to annual numerical limits. In Rockville, once the annual limit is achieved, an interested worker must wait until the following year to submit an alien worker petition.

Contacting a Rockville Immigration Lawyer

By focusing on immigration law, the Rockville immigration lawyer helps U.S. corporations fill positions in their organizations with foreign workers by preparing and filing petitions for alien workers within the parameters set by the immigration laws of the U.S. Contact an immigration lawyer today to fill your company’s vacancies.

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