Fairfax Immigration Lawyer

A variety of factors can influence someone’s decision to move to a new country. Whatever you or your loved one’s reasons, it is important to have help navigating the complex legal systems and forms required to become a resident or citizen of the United States.

An experienced Fairfax immigration attorney will help research whether the law contains any provisions that might prevent your entry by immigration courts. Our experienced immigration attorneys will then help you fight any potential bars to entry. Contact an experienced immigration lawyer in Fairfax right away.

Importance of a Lawyer

There are many reasons that someone may need a Fairfax immigration attorney when going through immigration proceedings. These reasons include:

  • They are attempting to immigrate from another country
  • They are considered inadmissible to the US due to health reasons
  • They are considered inadmissible to the US due to crimes committed
  • They originally entered the US illegally and are going through the process of removal
  • They live abroad and have a family member in the US with a strong need for their presence in the country
  • They are being abused or endangered in another country and need to relocate for their protection
  • A humanitarian crisis in their country has resulted in a need to move to the US

Whether someone is applying for entry for the first time or appealing their rejected entry, a lawyer will help prepare the ample paperwork, gather evidence, and present the case professionally and thoroughly to the adjudicator. Sometimes extensive evidence is required by adjudicators so that they understand the specific story.

Each immigration case contains very different circumstances, and the outcomes of these cases can be unpredictable. That is why it is particularly important to prepare a thorough and professional application and be aware of the various issues that may come up.

A Fairfax immigration attorney is very important in these cases because they have experience with the complicated process, have studied immigration law, and can research immigration statutes and cases for the benefit of their clients.

The Immigration Courts and Laws

The immigration court system is complex, and a different process is necessary for someone living abroad trying to enter the US than someone living in the US who is trying to gain permanent residency or prevent removal.

Immigration issues are handled by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which is part of the US Department of Homeland Security. Immigration law is governed by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

For someone applying for entry from abroad, they will need to submit information to their local consulate. However, this information is still reviewed by US officials who instruct and interact with the consulate. The application must be very well-organized and compelling from both a legal and personal perspective.

Most applicants are intimidated by the process. The INA contains long and complex provisions, and the USCIS is a large bureaucracy with many rules. Most issues in immigration court require submission of extensive information.

Contacting a Fairfax Immigration Attorney

When you are facing an immigration issue, you may feel your whole life might be in turmoil. Your ability to be with close family members, do the work that you love, or feel safe might be on the line. The immigration legal process must, therefore, be completed as well as possible and taken very seriously.

With an experienced Fairfax immigration lawyer, you can be sure that your case will be given the attention and dedication it deserves.

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