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Whether you are an individual, a small business or a multi-national corporation, our experienced DC immigration attorneys can assist you with your immigration needs. Immigration lawyers at our office are always welcoming of any immigration-related questions and inquiries. You may call with questions and schedule to meet with one of our DC immigration attorneys to discuss any of your immigration concerns. For your convenience, our office for DC clients is located just one block away from the Judiciary Square metro station.

Our experienced DC immigration attorneys offer a variety of immigration services, including immigrant visas, non-immigrant visas, asylum, green card applications, naturalization, visas for victims of crimes in the U.S., defense in removal/deportation before the EOIR, and all other types of legal immigration issues. We can help you obtain an H-1B temporary work visa, a student visa, or business visas for your employees. We can also assist with your family-based or employment-based green cards, including EB-1 extraordinary ability alien and EB-2 national interest waivers. We can even help you with the naturalization process. Contact our DC immigration attorneys and you will receive immediate assistance.

If you have been detained and are facing removal, time is of the essence and we can provide you with a quality deportation defense.

Whatever immigration needs and inquiries you may have, our DC immigration lawyers will gladly assist you. We know that the legal immigration process can be a confusing and at times even frightening process. Our immigration attorneys know how much is at stake, and we look forward to providing you and your family with quality representation through every step.

Immigration Law and Business

For business and corporate clients, the aid of a dedicated DC immigration lawyer is crucial when facing the potential for extreme legal ramifications regarding human resources issues related to employment visas, labor certification, and the temporary and permanent relocation of employees. Some businesses assume they can handle the process with their existing HR resources. However, the requirements and rules are tricky and immigration officials rarely have the time, or the inclination, to talk a business or corporation through the daunting process. That is where the experience of a well-qualified immigration attorney becomes inestimable. Not only will a dedicated immigration lawyer understand the process and how to best utilize the system for your company’s needs, they will also shoulder the heavy burden of the stress and work involved in the process, leaving corporations and companies to dedicate their valuable time to the business at hand.

DC Immigration Law and Individual Need

Those who are seeking help with family immigration, employment immigration, immigration for education, and deportation defense are also in serious need of a Washington, DC immigration attorney. Again, the rules and deadlines that apply to candidates seeking legal residence are complicated and numerous. When it comes to family immigration, the US has traditionally favored reunification of families that have been torn apart, or who face the threat of separation, by international border restrictions; though it may not seem that way to the millions of immigrants who have struggled to keep their families together. A well-qualified immigration attorney thoroughly understands how to optimize this legal precedent and will be prepared to head off any challenges that are likely to arise in such cases.

If you are an immigrant seeking legal residency and you have immediate relatives who are US citizens — such as a spouse, children or parents — there may be legal avenues open to you that only a dedicated immigration attorney can address. Additionally, if you fall within the category of family preference – which means you have a spouse, children, siblings and/or parents who are legal permanent residents in this country — you too may qualify for legal residency. There are a number of restrictions, however, including the US quota system that limits the number of people each year who can apply for benefits under the family-based immigration system. For example, those with immediate relatives who are US citizens don’t have to wait nearly as long for approval. As soon as their applications are processed, they are eligible for a visa. Those who qualify under the previously described family preference category, however, may end up waiting two to 18 years. So it is important for you to understand which category applies to you, and what you will be required to undertake, when seeking a visa through the family preference immigration system.

United States immigration law is not only among one of the most complex fields of law, it is also among one of the most hotly debated and scrutinized subsets of the law. Therefore, the process for establishing legal immigration can be extremely arduous and time consuming. It is also a process where the stakes are extremely high, and one in which you will need the sound and seasoned legal knowledge of a dedicated immigration attorney. Our team of Maryland, Virginia, and DC attorneys can facilitate this exhausting process, ensuring smooth and proper handling of necessary documentation and making certain that critical deadlines are met. Whether you are a business owner or a corporation grappling with federal rules and guidelines, or an individual who has simply come to this country in the search for a better life for you and your family, you will need the legal and emotional support of a battle-tested immigration lawyer. Other areas where you might need this kind of assistance include, but are not limited to:

Washington, DC Visa Attorney

Non-immigrant visas are available for those who wish to come to the United States temporarily for school, work, travel, or family visits. Individuals wishing to immigrate to the United States permanently, however, must be granted an immigrant visa by the US Consular office. An immigrant visa allows an individual traveling to America to apply to become a lawful permanent resident (LPR). Obtaining an immigrant visa can be difficult, but a qualified immigration lawyer can smooth the way, handling any complex issues that may arise in your case.

In most cases, an individual wishing to immigrate to the United States must be sponsored by a US citizen who is either a family member or prospective employer. The sponsor petitions the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for a family immigration visa or an employment immigration visa. If the petition is approved, the visa is then processed by the National Visa Center (NVC), who is responsible for collecting fees and documentation. An immigration visa lawyer will ensure all fees are paid and documentation is correctly filed, handling the necessary immigration processes efficiently and effectively.

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Employment Immigration Lawyer

Approximately 140,000 employment immigrant visas are made available each year to qualified applicants. Employment immigration visas are granted to individuals fitting one of five preference categories, which may require an employer to obtain Labor Certification approval. For jobs requiring Labor Certification from the Department of Labor (DOL), a sponsoring employer must demonstrate that there are no suitable US citizen applicants for the position. An employment immigration attorney can assist employers with the labor certification process.

Our qualified employment immigration lawyers help both employers and immigrant employees to successfully obtain labor certification and the proper employment immigration visa. Determining which of the five employment categories apply can be confusing, but an employment immigration lawyer will assist you in applying for the appropriate employment visa and will handle the required documentation and often daunting application paperwork.

Deportation Lawyer

Individuals who come to the United States illegally, who violate the terms and conditions of a legally granted visa, who remain in the United States beyond the expiration of a legally obtained non-immigrant visa, or who commit criminal offenses, may be subject to removal, or deportation. An immigration attorney will handle not only visa application and immigration processes, but also provide legal services pertaining to detention, deportation, and removal proceedings.

If you face detention, deportation, and removal proceedings, you will need to hire a qualified immigration attorney to avoid the very real possibility of deportation or removal. Non- US citizens can face detention and deportation for violating US immigration laws. One way to violate immigration laws is to be convicted of serious criminal offenses, specifically aggravating felonies and crimes of “moral turpitude.” If can be difficult to determine what crimes apply to the latter category, and those qualifying crimes can vary based on jurisdiction. That is why if you are arrested for a crime, or you under investigation and believe you may be charged, you need to secure the services of a dedicated immigration attorney immediately. They will be able to determine whether that plea deal that your criminal defense attorney negotiated in good faith could have serious unintended consequences. While it may seem on the surface that your best option is to plead guilty in order to secure limited jail time and other reduced penalties, that guilty plea could result in your deportation once your jail or prison term is served.

And if you have been detained by US Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and are awaiting a decision regarding your deportation, or if you are facing the possibility of removal proceedings, contact an immigration attorney immediately to provide necessary legal representation.

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DC US Immigration Lawyer

Regardless of the immigration issue you face, a dedicated immigration attorney can work with you to promptly find a solution, one that is best suited to serve your needs and designed to make the process as painless as possible. Immigration Attorney Our experienced immigration attorneys have a proven record of success representing clients in immigration matters before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the National Visa Center and Department of State, and have particular experience representing clients before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (immigration court).

Hiring a lawyer for immigration issues requires serious thought and consideration. It is not unlikely that an immigration matter will become very complicated and you will want a lawyer with experience to help you. From affirmative immigrant visa applications to aggressive deportation defense, our DC Immigration Attorneys are well-equipped to handle your legal immigration needs. Click here to learn more.

DREAM Act Scholarship

We are excited to announce the DREAM Act Scholarship, which is a $500 scholarship for the 2017-2018 school year. Eligible applicants will:


The application for the DREAM Act Scholarship includes:

  • An updated resume listing past academic, volunteer, and professional experience
  • An official transcript from your school
  • A 700-word statement that examines the current immigration process and reforms in the United States, and suggests two concrete solutions to improve conditions for immigrants.

The deadline for the scholarship is March 31, 2018. Here is more information on the scholarship and application instructions.

2019 Wait, How Far is That 13K & 4M benefiting CASA

Our firm was a proud sponsor of the 2019 Wait, How Far is That 13K & 4M. Both races took place on the C&O Canal path on October 20, 2019. Proceeds from the race went to CASA, a local nonprofit benefiting abused and neglected children in DC. For more information, visit our event page.

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