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Immigration law is complex and often confusing. The process of becoming a US citizen can be very complicated, as the steps necessary for applying for a work visa differ based on the type of employment and there are many complicated applications a person could be applying for.

An Arlington immigration lawyer can help guide you through the often convoluted immigration process. A skilled lawyer can help to streamline any application questions and explain all of your options, so it is important to contact an immigration attorney in Arlington as soon as possible.

Work Visas

With some exceptions, temporary work visas permitting someone to work in the US require filing by an employer’s petition on the person’s behalf to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Here are the most common types of temporary work visas:

  • E1 – an E1 visa allows an individual from a “treaty” nation – a country with a commerce treaty with the US – to conduct trade
  • E2 -an E2 visa permits a person from a treaty country to enter the US if investing significant capital in the US E2 visa applicants do not need an employer’s petition
  • H1B – the H1B visa is designated for professionals in special fields
  • H2 – these visas are for seasonal or temporary agricultural workers or seasonal non-agricultural workers
  • TN- Also not requiring an employer’s petition, the TN designation is for temporary professionals from Mexico or Canada entering the US as per the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

There are other visa classifications relating to specific types of work. An Arlington immigration attorney will inform clients if they fall into any of these less common, specialized categories.

Country Limits

US immigration law restricts how many people may come from one country each year. The limit for any country is 7 percent of visas issued annually. That means individuals coming from countries with high immigration rates, such as India, Mexico, and the Philippines, must wait longer than immigrants from countries with lower immigration rates. The backlog for such countries may last for years.

Immigration Issues

Immigration issues run the gamut and include people in danger of deportation who require immediate legal help from Arlington immigration attorneys. However, many individuals believed they would have few issues with their immigration paperwork, only to find they were rejected or needed to supply more detailed documentation when filing on their own.

Immigration requires strict deadlines, and should a person miss a deadline –even for a relatively simple matter – it can put the individual’s status at risk. Factors which make it imperative that an experienced Arlington immigration lawyer is consulted to help.

Criminal Convictions

Certain criminal convictions affect immigration status. That could result in deportation or inadmissibility. The latter refers to no longer being allowed to enter the US from another country, even if the person has a green card.

While waivers are possible in some circumstances, that is not the case with aggravated felonies or crimes of moral turpitude.

Depending on the jurisdiction, an aggravated felony may include marijuana possession and what otherwise appear as relatively minor crimes. A crime of moral turpitude is open to interpretation, but generally, involves ill intent on the part of the perpetrator.

How an Arlington Immigration Lawyer Can Help

The complexity of immigration law makes it difficult for an individual to successfully file on their own with the help of a lawyer. If a person is undocumented, an Arlington immigration attorney explores any avenues that may aid the individual.

Skilled lawyers in Arlington ensure their clients understand the process and keep them informed every step of the way. If you have immigration issues, call an immigration lawyer in Arlington today to discuss your options.

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