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The greatness of the United States stems from its immigrant population. There are countless people from foreign countries seeking to better themselves in the US, however, many aspects of the immigration process can be confusing and difficult. The steps necessary for applying for a work visa differ based on the type of employment and there are many complicated applications a person could be applying for. A Leesburg immigration lawyer can work with you to achieve your immigration goals. A skilled immigration attorney can streamline the process for you.

Family Visas

Whether the individual is now a US citizen, has permanent residency status, has been granted asylum or has a visa authorizing employment, it is possible to bring some family members into this country. A Leesburg immigration attorney can help people file the appropriate petitions for family eligibility. Spouses – including those of the same sex – and minor children are allowed into the country under most circumstances.

Bringing parents or siblings to the US is not as easy, but an immigration attorney in Leesburg can help reunite families. Those who are engaged to someone who is not a US citizen may file a fiancé visa to bring that person into the US. Once the fiancé arrives, the marriage must take place within 90 days.

US Citizenship

For many immigrants, the ultimate goal is US citizenship. For some, the process flows relatively smoothly, while others experience bumps in the road. That path includes various routes, depending on the individual. These include:

  • Naturalization – possible for permanent residents of at least five years
  • Marriage to US citizen – possible for marriages of at least three years
  • Military service – leads to expedited citizenship

Issues such as criminal convictions, even a DUI, can hinder or thwart the path to citizenship or permanent residency. Individuals with any criminal record hoping to attain citizenship or receive a green card should consult a Leesburg immigration lawyer.

Employment and Business Creation Visas

Every type of work visa available for immigrants is quite specific. Many people coming to the US to work do so through employer-sponsored petitions for an H1B visa.

There is another way for high net worth individuals to receive permanent resident status, and that is through the Employment Creation Visa, or EB5 visa. The requirements include:

  • Investment of at least $1 million in a new business venture
  • Creation of a minimum of 10 jobs within two years
  • In specially targeted areas, investment of $500,000 in a new business connotes eligibility

If the application for the visa is approved, the investor has two years to show US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) that they have made the investment and at least 10 new jobs were created. If USCIS approves, the investor receives a permanent resident card good for 10 years, and which can mean eligibility for US citizenship within three years, for a total of five years since the person received a conditional EB5 visa.

How an Immigration Lawyer in Leesburg Can Help

Immigration law is complex and constantly evolving. Leesburg immigration lawyers work zealously to defend their clients’ rights, working to achieve the best outcome for each individual. Working with care and compassion, Leesburg immigration attorney sguide their clients through this process and ensure they understand the procedure.

If you need help with immigration issues, call an immigration lawyer in Leesburg today. They will review your case and advise you of your options.

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