Alexandria Immigration Lawyer

Whether you are an individual seeking to work temporarily or permanently in the United States, or an employer planning to hire foreign workers, an Alexandria immigration lawyer can help. Immigration paperwork is complex and time-sensitive. Failure to comply with deadlines may imperil your immigration path. An experienced immigration lawyer in Alexandria can guide you through the process and stay abreast of the country’s constantly evolving immigration laws.

How Could Someone Apply for a Green Card?

There are various ways to obtain a green card, or permanent residency status, with employment being the key issue. Various government agencies play a role, including federal and state Departments of Labor (DOL), the State Department, and the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Employing Immigrants

For employers, it is necessary to file a petition with the DOL stating that the business cannot find qualified, willing and able US workers able to fill the position. If the petition is approved, the foreign worker then submits an application to USCIS to receive a green card. Spouses and minor children are eligible for permanent residency under the employment-based category as the other spouse or parent. Other avenues for obtaining permanent residency include making substantial business investments in the US.

Keeping Permanent Residence

Obtaining a green card is a goal for many immigrants, but once it is received, it is also important to follow Alexandria immigration laws to maintain one’s permanent residence. Those with permanent residence status may lose it if leaving the US for an extended period. Even if an individual can prove that they had a legitimate reason for this extensive absence from the country, failure to file US income tax returns during that period jeopardizes permanent residency status.

Is it Possible to Expedite the Immigration Process?

USCIS is not always the most efficient bureaucracy. Many people wait for years to resolve their status, experiencing constant delays and confusion. A professional Alexandria immigration lawyer can help expedite applications and/or discover the reasons behind stalled applications and work to move them forward.

Deportation Proceedings

Know that there are resources available for individuals facing deportation through a skilled Alexandria immigration lawyer to achieve the best resolution of the situation. These include:

  • Asylum – individuals persecuted in their own country may seek asylum in the US
  • Adjustment of status – individuals married to US citizens or permanent residents may qualify for a status adjustment
  • Cancellation of Removal – this refers to individuals committing crimes. An Alexandria immigration lawyer can help determine whether someone may qualify under its rules
  • U visa – this visa pertains to individuals who have suffered extreme physical or emotional problems from certain serious crimes

There are other methods to possibly avoid deportation, but they only apply in very specific circumstances. That is why individuals must tell their dedicated Alexandria immigration lawyer about all issues relating to their lives and case. With this solid information, a lawyer may find rarely used options available.

How an Alexandria Immigration Lawyer Can Help

A qualified Alexandria immigration lawyer will understand the situation you may be facing and can use their years of dedicated legal practice to fight for your rights. If you have problems or questions concerning immigration, contact a determined Alexandria immigration lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.

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