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It has always been a part of the American dream to come to the United States for better economic opportunities. One way for immigrants to come to the United States to find work is to pursue an EB-1 visa. Not only do these visas allow entry to seek work, but they also grant holders immediate lawful permanent Resident (LPR) status that allows them to remain in the United States for as long as they want.

A Fairfax EB-1 visa lawyer can help people with an extraordinary skill or ability to pursue legal status. They can explain how the EB-1 visa program works, and they can determine if an applicant has an opportunity to obtain this type of visa. For more information, be sure to get in touch with a dedicated immigration attorney.

The EB-1 Visa Program

The United States government, through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), strictly controls who can come and live in the U.S. on a permanent basis. While any person can apply for a Green Card that grants lawful permanent resident status, the waiting periods can often extend for years into the future.

One way to jump to the front of the line is to qualify for an EB-1 visa. An EB-1 visa holder gains immediate lawful permanent resident status. Additionally, prospective immigrants may be able to sponsor relatives for entry into the United States. A Fairfax EB-1 visa attorney can provide more information about the rights that an EB-1 visa holder enjoys under immigration law.

Who may Qualify for an EB-1 Visa?

Every non-United States citizen may seek lawful permanent resident status if they meet the eligibility criteria. However, only a limited set of applicants can qualify for an EB-1 visa. According to the USCIS, applicants may seek an EB-1 visa under three sets of criteria:

  • Individuals with extraordinary abilities: People who possess special mental or physical abilities that will help the overall status of the United States. These may include Olympic athletes, scientific award winners, or Nobel Prize recipients. These applicants may ask for an EB-1 at any time and do not require employer sponsorship.
  • Managers or executives: These applicants require sponsorship through a current employer to come to the United States to serve a company in a management or executive role. Once a person receives this visa, they must fulfill that role with their employer.
  • Outstanding professors or academics: These people gain entry by virtue of their teaching or tenure-track position at an American university or college. An application under this provision requires proof of publication in an academic journal or the receipt of a major prize for research.

A Fairfax EB-1 visa lawyer can help individuals and companies determine if a person is likely to receive a Green Card as the product of their status as an outstanding individual.

Contact a Fairfax EB-1 Visa Attorney Today

A person who possesses extraordinary academic, athletic, business, or research achievements holds a significant advantage when seeking residency in the United States. The USCIS’s EB-1 visa program allows people to jump to the front of the line for green card consideration if they are able to demonstrate that their presence in the country would benefit the entire nation.

These applicants must show that their achievements in the receipt of awards, their contributions to art or science, or their pending role as a manager or executive in the business world will make them a valuable addition to the United States. A Fairfax EB-1 visa lawyer can help individuals and companies understand this program and submit applications that give people the best chance for success. Contact a Fairfax EB-1 visa lawyer today to learn more.

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