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Not everyone can enter the United States to look for employment. Every potential entrant must apply for and obtain a visa that grants them not just the ability to enter the U.S., but also permission to perform work.

One of the programs that grants this permission is the E-2 visa, issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The E-2 visa allows foreign investors to receive temporary rights to live and work in the United States for the purpose of investing in U.S. company. People pursuing these visas must be able to demonstrate their ongoing or planned investment in a U.S. business.

A Fairfax E-2 visa lawyer can help investors gain legal entry into the United States. Whether a person is already in the U.S. or is currently living in their home country, a knowledgeable immigration attorney can help them move to the United States along with their families.

Qualifying for an E-2 Visa

The United States immigration laws allow legal entry for a variety of reasons on a temporary basis. One primary example of a temporary work visa is the E-2 visa program. This program allows foreign investors to come and live in the United States as long as they are investing a substantial sum of money into a U.S. company. These are not permanent visas, and they usually last for a period of five years. However, visa holders can bring their spouses and children under the age of 21 to live with them.

To qualify under the E-2 visa program, applicants must satisfy a number of requirements. According to 8 CFR 214.2(e)(12), these requirements are:

  • Being a citizen of a foreign nation with which the United States has a commerce treaty;
  • Have invested in, or be in the process of investing in a bona fide business operation in the United States; and
  • The applicant seeks entry into the United States for the sole purpose of managing their investment

A Fairfax E-2 visa attorney can help determine if an applicant qualifies for the E-2 visa program.

Process for Acquiring an E-2 Visa in Fairfax

Any foreign investor who is a citizen of a nation trading with the U.S. may qualify for an E-2 visa. However, the procedure for obtaining these visas will differ depending on that person’s current location and immigration status.

For people already in the United States, they will need to apply for a formal change of immigration status. By completing Form I-129, they will provide the USCIS with personal information, data concerning the business prospects in the U.S., and the family members that they wish to bring into the country.

It is also possible for people currently living in their home countries to obtain an E-2 visa. Here, the applicant will need to file documentation with the United States’ Embassy or Consulate located in their homeland. This requires the submission of State Department’s Form DS-160. Much like applications through USCIS, this form requires information about the applicant, their family, their planned investment, and business connections.

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The United States retains a consistent interest in seeing the growth of its economy. A significant portion of this growth comes through foreign investment. If a proposed investor is a citizen of a nation that trades with the United States, they may be able to obtain a temporary visa to live in the U.S and oversee their investment.

A Fairfax E-2 visa lawyer can help obtain these visas for investors and their families. They can help identify the correct legal processes and obtain the documentation necessary to pursue a successful application. Contact an attorney today to see how they might be able to help you.

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