Fairfax Employment Visa Lawyer

The process for obtaining a work visa is never simple and rarely straightforward. For the most part, seekers of employment visas must have employer sponsorship and be prepared to demonstrate their academic or vocational success.

A Fairfax employment visa lawyer can help companies and non-citizens explore their employment visa options. Once they pinpoint the appropriate visa program, a trusted attorney can help gather evidence and complete the applications to make a move to the U.S. possible.

Helping Workers Make a Temporary Move to the United States

Most people who are looking to come to the U.S. to work will do so on a temporary basis. This means that they will have to return home upon the expiration of their visa and cannot transform their visa into an application for a Green Card or immediately acquire U.S. citizenship.

Still, this may be the only way that a person may be able to live and work in the United States. The most common example of a temporary visa flows through the H1-B visa program. Here, an employer sponsors a worker for entry because that employer has been unable to find U.S. workers to fill their job vacancies. Temporary work visas may also be available for seasonal agricultural workers or entertainers. A Fairfax employment visa lawyer can help employers and potential employees pursue temporary work visas.

When Might a Permanent Employment Visa be Appropriate?

Other people looking to come to the United States will be eligible to seek a non-temporary work visa. These people will possess extraordinary abilities in science, art, athletics, or business. The five categories of permanent work visas give people Green Cards that result in legal permanent work status.

However, there are only around 140,000 visas available every year. Furthermore, applicants must be able to demonstrate extraordinary achievements in their field, and in many cases, have employer sponsorship. The USCIS EB-1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 programs allow people to make a permanent move to the United States and even sponsor family members for admission. A Fairfax employment visa attorney can help people possessing special skills or achievements obtain permanent employment visas that can d serve as a path to U.S. citizenship.

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The rules that govern the legal entry and employment of non-citizens are strict. No person can enter the United States without a visa. Additionally, it is illegal for any person who does not have permission to work in the U.S. to take on employment. Obtaining an employment visa in Fairfax is one way to obtain legal work in the United States.

These visas come in two main forms. The most common are temporary work visas that require specific employer sponsorship. In these cases, the worker must perform a specific job and return home upon expiration of the visa. The other form of work visa is permanent. These people may remain in the U.S. for as long as they like and have legal permanent resident status.

An attorney can help workers and employers solve their visa needs. They can work to determine for which program workers may qualify. They can then take the necessary steps with USCIS or the State Department to help parties obtain the necessary visas. Contact a Fairfax employment visa lawyer today to discuss your needs.

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