Fairfax Immigration Delay Lawyer

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people file paperwork to come and live in the United States, or to adjust their legal immigration status. Each of these requests must flow through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

It is understandable, but no less frustrating that this can result in significant delays. This can result in a person being unable to gain employment where they are living, suffering from being left separated from family members, or remaining in their home countries under the threat of violence or political persecution.

Thankfully, many delays are fixable if a person works with a Fairfax immigration lawyer. A credible attorney can work to identify the cause of the delay, to gather any additional documentation that may be needed to correct a problem, and to speak with the USCIS on a person’s behalf to get an application moving again. To get started, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

Common Reasons for an Immigration Delay in Fairfax

Filing a petition with the USCIS creates a chain reaction of legal processes and paperwork. The burden always lies on the petitioner to complete all the necessary documents, to provide supporting evidence, and to submit these on time.

Perhaps the most common reason for a delay is a lack of necessary information on an application. No matter the exact nature of the application, whether it be to apply for a Green Card, to change from a nonimmigrant status to  lawful permanent resident status, or to obtain a visa, all applicants must provide key data, including:

  • Identifying information
  • Professional information
  • Data concerning their family members
  • Information concerning criminal history and political affiliations

Especially if these points are potentially confusing, it is essential for applicants to provide documentation that supports their claims. If the USCIS does not receive the necessary documentation or requires clarification as to a key point, this may delay an application.

Another common reason for immigration delays is errors at the USCIS itself. With such a large number of applications appearing on a daily basis, it is not unheard-of for an application to fall out of line. A USCIS employee who misclassifies a document with a single keystroke on a computer can cause an application to fall into the wrong processing department. A Fairfax immigration lawyer can work to identify the cause of a delay within the USCIS.

What Steps Can Help a Petition to Get Moving Again?

The key to fixing a delay in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is to properly identify the cause of that delay. In situations where an application is where it needs to be, but requires additional information, a Fairfax immigration lawyer can help to gather that additional documentation. If an application raises questions concerning a person’s right to enter the United States, a lawyer can also help to work with the USCIS to put their fears to rest.

If the delay is due to an error on the part of the USCIS, a lawyer can help by contacting the agency directly to evaluate the reason for the delay, to provide a solution to get an application moving forward again, and to continue to track the application as it moves forward.

A Fairfax Immigration Attorney Can Help People to Navigate the Immigration Process

Facing a delay in the immigration process is always a demoralizing experience and may even be dangerous. Whether a delay is the result of an incomplete application, a confusing piece of information, or a clerical error at the USCIS, it is essential to identify the cause of the delay and to take prompt steps to correct it.

A Fairfax immigration attorney may be able to help you to get your application moving again. They can work directly with the USCIS on your behalf to determine what needs to be done to meet your immigration goals. They can even help to gather any additional evidence needed to complete an application and to see that application through to completion. Contact a Fairfax immigration attorney today to discuss your application.

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