Leesburg Immigration Delay Lawyer

The massive United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), combined with outdated immigration laws, makes it difficult for people to change their immigration status. Whether a person is looking to become a United States citizen, to obtain a Green Card, or to renew a visa, they must follow specific procedures according to the USCIS timeline.

Sadly, even people who follow the rules may find that their cases meet an unexpected delay. This can be because of some fault in their application or simple clerical error at the USCIS. In either event, a delay in processing can see a visa expire or USCIS throwing a person’s case to the back of the line.

A Leesburg immigration delay lawyer can help individuals to identify the reason for their delay. An experienced attorney can identify the necessary next steps to keep the case moving forward in a timely manner.

Why Might an Immigration Case Experience a Delay?

The USCIS oversees the entry of all people into the United States. It also handles the applications of people who wish to become U.S. citizens or who are looking to obtain lawful permanent resident status. All these processes have their specific procedures, and it falls to an applicant to complete applications and provide accurate information.

A failure to provide this information is a common reason for immigration delays. Vital data such as a person’s place of birth, personally identifying information, political affiliations, and criminal background check are all essential to an immigration case. If an applicant fails to provide comprehensive information in these topic areas, or the information that they do provide raises an alarm, this can lead to a delay or denial.

Other errors can occur that are not the fault of the applicant. USCIS is a massive organization, and statistics dictate that clerical or filing errors are bound to occur. This can result in a misfiling of a case with different deadlines or even the loss of a physical document. The resulting delays can see a person lose their place in immigration lines or the case falling entirely off the radar. A Leesburg immigration lawyer can provide more information about common reasons for immigration delays.

Helping Individuals to Keep their Cases Moving Forward

Experiencing a delay in the immigration processes can be a demoralizing and frightening experience. Especially if a person is seeking to obtain lawful permanent resident status or is in the country on a visa, an undue delay can see their right to remain in the United States expire. In the most extreme cases, this can even lead to removal (deportation) proceedings.

It is essential that people be able to quickly identify the cause of a delay and to take the proper steps to fix the problem. A Leesburg immigration lawyer may be able to help  investigate the delay and work with USCIS to correct the issue. If the problem arises out of missing data or unclear information, an attorney can help to gather new evidence to supplement an existing file. When errors are the result of USCIS error, an attorney can act to locate the source of the error and to demand a fix that places a person’s case back on schedule.

Contact a Leesburg Immigration Attorney Today to Ask About USCIS Delays

Immigration delays may seem like a mere annoyance. However, while this delay is occurring, the clock may be running on your chance to renew a visa or to change your immigration status. A delay that causes a visa to expire can lead to removal proceedings, or a missed deadline can see an application fail.

It is no secret that an immigration delay can have serious consequences. However, many people feel powerless to seek a remedy. Thankfully, a Leesburg immigration delay lawyer can help to keep your case moving forward. A lawyer can help to discover why a delay has occurred and to take the necessary remedial steps. These can include gathering new evidence, submitting it to the USCIS, and even pinpointing clerical errors that were not your fault. Reach out to a Leesburg immigration lawyer today to let them get to work helping you.

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