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It can be hard to find the right type of employees, and sometimes, businesses and organizations need to recruit qualified individuals from other countries or employees who are not U.S. citizens. This is relatively simple, but businesses, as well as their employees, must abide by the immigration laws of the United States. As an employer, you will be required to verify that each of your employees are eligible to work in this country with the Department of Homeland Security by submitting I-9 forms within three days of hiring a new employee.

The federal government is very strict about the verification process, and if you encounter any immigration issues, you may need to hire an Arlington I-9 compliance lawyer to assist you. Contact a knowledgeable immigration attorney to start discussing your legal options.

The E-Verify System

To help employers check the I-9 eligibility status of their employees, the government allows employers to use an electronic system known as E-Verify. To use the system, an employer must be enrolled in the E-Verify program with the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.

Once a new hire completes their I-9 documents, the employer may log on to the DHS website and enter the name, birth date, and Social Security Number of the hire. The system will immediately match the name of the employee with a Social Security Number, and if they are eligible to work in the United States, the employer will receive immediate notice. Contact a dedicated Arlington I-9 compliance lawyer to review potential legal options regarding the submission of I-9 documents.

What Happens if a Person is Not Authorized to Work in the US?

If the electronic system does not authorize an employee to work in the United States, the following can happen:

  • The system might delay matching the Social Security Number of the employee with a name in the system. If it does this later, the employee is verified to work in the United States.
  • If the name and number match, but the system is unable to verify whether or not the employee is authorized to work, the employer will receive a message that states the Department of Homeland Security is working to verify their eligibility. The employer will receive an answer within a few days.
  • If the system cannot confirm the eligibility status of the employee, it will request the employee report to the DHS to resolve the issue.

Most issues are resolved within a few days using the online I-9 system, but if a more complex issue arises, the employee may need to submit additional documentation to establish their right to work in the country. If an employer cannot verify the identity and eligibility status of an employee, they must terminate the employee to avoid legal liability.

When to Hire an I-9 Compliance Lawyer

Unfortunately, it is possible for people to make mistakes, and there have been cases where employers unknowingly hired individuals who were not authorized to work in the United States legally. Employers are not required to enroll in the E-Verify program, and it is possible for hires to submit false information to employers.

Even if this does occur, an employer will still have to face a variety of consequences if they hire someone who is not authorized to work. If this occurs, they should reach out to an Arlington I-9 compliance lawyer at once.

Discuss Your Case Privately With an Arlington I-9 Compliance Attorney

If you are an employer who is currently facing I-9 liability issues, you may be feeling confused or angry. This is understandable, but it is important to understand you have access to attorneys with in-depth knowledge of immigration laws. Call an Arlington I-9 compliance lawyer today to discuss your case privately.

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