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When a person is detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), they must obtain an immigration bond if they wish to be released prior to their court date. Immigration bonds are not available to all non-citizens, and those who wish to obtain a bond will need to meet certain qualifications.

The U.S. government gives immigration judges the authority to set bond amounts, and sometimes these bond amounts can be remarkably high. If you are currently awaiting your bond hearing, you may want to contact an Arlington County immigration bond lawyer at some point.

An experienced immigration attorney may be able to help you obtain a direct bond from the ICE instead of waiting until you go before an immigration judge or help you prove your case during the hearing process.

How to Obtain an Immigration Bond

When a person is first detained by ICE, they will usually have the option to apply for a bond with the ICE office in charge of their case. ICE officials have the authority to grant bonds to individuals before a case is initiated if those individuals meet certain standards.

In general, individuals with a criminal history or those who are considered a danger to the community will not be eligible for a bond. Bonds will also not be issued to individuals who pose a flight risk. If a person does not apply for a bond during their detainment with  ICE, they will have the option to apply before a judge if eligible.

Posting a Bond

Before a person can obtain a bond, there must be someone to pay the bond and complete the ICE paperwork. This person is referred to as an obligor, and they will be responsible for posting the bond and ensuring the detained individual attends their hearing. In most cases, the obligor must be at least 18 years of age and have legal status in the United States.

In general, detainees with criminal records and those who may flee without attending their immigration hearing will have higher bonds. If the detainee obtains prevails in court or has been deported, the bond amount will be refunded by the federal government.

What Happens During a Bond Hearing?

During a bond hearing, detainees have the opportunity to prove they deserve a bond. The government favors individuals with a clean criminal background and those who cannot return to their home country for safety reasons. The judge will also take the following factors into consideration during the bond hearing:

  • The family of the detainee and their community ties to the United States (individuals with family members in the U.S. are more likely to be approved for a bond)
  • Employment history of the detainee
  • Length of time the detainee has been in the country
  • Potential immigration options (the detainee may be able to apply for relief from removal)
  • Criminal record and prior immigration violations

By working with an Arlington County immigration bond lawyer, detained individuals can craft a legal strategy and prepare evidence, increasing their chances of obtaining a bond.

Consulting an Arlington County Immigration Bond Attorney

If you need help obtaining an immigration bond or you need assistance during your bond hearing, an experienced immigration attorney may be able to help you. The immigration bond process can be complex and intimidating, but with guidance from a lawyer, detainees and their families can expedite and simplify the process.

Get in touch with an Arlington County immigration bond lawyer today to speak with a professional.

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