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A Green Card (named for its original green appearance), gives non-citizens of the United States the right to live and work in the country as permanent residents. Green Cards also provide non-citizens with the privileges they need to reside in the country, such as enrolling in school.

Before a non-U.S. citizen can receive a Green Card, they must complete a multi-step application process, which can take several months or years depending on their immigration status.

This process can be difficult to navigate alone, and if you or someone you care about needs to apply for a Green Card, it may be best to hire an Arlington County green card that could help. Get in touch with an experienced immigration attorney that could advocate for you.

Who is Eligible for a Green Card?

The Green Card application process is extensive and complicated. The United States government receives countless Green Card applications each year, therefore the processing time may be prolonged.. This is unfortunate, and before a person applies for a Green Card, they should find out if they are eligible. In general, the following classes of individuals will be eligible to complete a Green Card application:

  • Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens and certain relatives of permanent residents (preference is given to immediate family members of U.S. citizens, but extended relatives may also apply in the family preference categories)
  • Professionals and academics whose skills are needed in the U.S.
  • Individuals who entered the U.S. as refugees or have obtained asylee status
  • Long-time residents of the U.S. (if in removal proceedings)
  • Members of certain ethnic groups

Even if a person does not fall into one of the classes listed above, they may still be eligible for a Green Card, therefore those wanting to pursue a Green Card should contact an Arlington County green card lawyer.

Choosing a Sponsor

Before obtaining a Green Card, applicants will need to find someone to “sponsor” them. Most applicants choose a family member or employer as a sponsor, and once the application is filed, the sponsor becomes known as the petitioner. If a family member is chosen as a sponsor, they will need to provide proof of their familial relationship to the applicant, called the beneficiary. This can usually be done by submitting a legal document, most commonly a birth certificate or marriage certificate.

Once a sponsor is chosen, the application process can proceed, and if the applicant is abroad or a visa is not immediately available, he or she will receive a place on the waiting list, also known as the visa bulletin. Immediate relatives will always get priority because a visa is immediately available for spouses and children under 21 of U.S. citizens.  Other family preference categories will be subject to the visa bulletin, which is issued by the State Department each month..

When to Hire an Attorney

To say the least, immigration laws are complicated and the Green Card petitioning, and application process can be confusing. For many people, hiring an Arlington County immigration lawyer can help simplify the process.

An experienced immigration attorney can help with paperwork and keep track of the Green Card application as it makes its way through the government.

If there is a problem during the application process, an attorney can advocate on behalf of the beneficiary or petitioner and provide useful legal advice to both parties. There are also multiple types of Green Cards and visas available to non-citizens, and an attorney can help individuals choose the type that best fits their needs.

Let an Arlington County Immigration Attorney Assist You

A Green Card can provide non-citizens with a wealth of benefits and privileges. Unfortunately, obtaining a Green Card is not an easy task, even if a person already has family members in the United States. Contact an Arlington County green card lawyer that could work tirelessly in pursuit of a positive outcome for you.

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