Supporting Evidence in Montgomery County VAWA Applications

Submitting an application is never an easy thing to do. Not only would you be required to submit various documents as a part of the application process, but you would have to provide evidence which proves that you were a victim of an abuser. Luckily, an experienced immigration attorney could provide you with the assistance necessary for obtaining supporting evidence in Montgomery County VAWA applications.

Required Documentation for a VAWA Application in Montgomery County

In order for a person to have their application for VAWA accepted, they would have to provide the following evidence:

  • Proof of the abuser’s status as a U.S. citizen or a local permanent resident
  • Any evidence or documentation regarding abuse that the applicant suffered
  • Any evidence and documentation proving the applicant and the abuser lived together
  • Any evidence or documentation regarding the Applicant’s good moral character

To prove U.S. citizenship they can use their birth certificate, their naturalization certificate or prove lawful permanent resident they can use their green card. To prove the abuser’s relationship to the Applicant, they could show a marriage certificate if it is their spouse; if a parent or a child, they could show their birth certificate.

Proving Abuse Took Place

When attempting to prove their abuse, an applicant should try to retain any evidence or documentation which backs up their claim. For example, applicants are encouraged to provide evidence such as hospital records and any pictures of any injuries they suffered as a result of the abuse. If a police report was made, an applicant should try their best to acquire that info. In addition, an applicant could gather statements from friends and family, as well as any mental or psychological reports.

How Can Supporting Evidence Vary?

Supporting evidence can vary depending on the applicant’s position. The documents required would depend on their relationship with the abuser, what kind of abuse the applicant had experienced, and if the applicant is able to access that kind of evidence.

If the abuser was preventing the applicant from putting anything in their names, specific information would have to be submitted to the USCIS in order to determine if the applicant is even eligible for VAWA.

Letters of Support From Licensed Therapists or Psychologists

A letter of support from a psychologist or therapist can help to show the effects of the abuse on the applicant, but that by itself is not enough for an applicant to meet the requirements of VAWA. These letters from the therapist or the psychologist have to be submitted in addition to other evidence of the abuse, like any police reports, hospital reports, the applicant’s statement, any pictures that they may have, and any statements from third parties like family and friends.

How an Attorney Could Help

By retaining the services of an attorney, you may be able to quickly and efficiently obtain any evidence necessary for having your VAWA application accepted. In addition, an attorney could help with the collection of statements by witnesses who could attest to the abuse you have suffered. If you are looking to obtain a Green Card through a VAWA application, schedule a consultation to begin reviewing the requirements for acquiring supporting evidence in Montgomery County VAWA applications.

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