Evidence in a Montgomery County VAWA Application

When submitting a VAWA application, individuals must collect certain documents to strengthen their case. Those who are applying are recommended to contact an immigration lawyer with knowledge of evidence in a Montgomery County VAWA application. A well-practiced attorney could help build a person’s application.

Evidence Used for VAWA Applications

The primary piece of evidence used for VAWA applications in Montgomery County concerns the abuse. This could include police records, hospital records, letters, and records from a psychologist or a social worker who helped them when they suffered extremely cruelty. Proof of the relationship between the applicant and the abuser could also be collected. This may include marriage certificates or birth certificate of their parent or a child. A person could take the first step of their application by calling an attorney to understand which evidence to collect.

Any documentation that shows the applicant and the abuser lived together could also be helpful. A lease could be used if they are both included, and bills could be gathered if they show a mutual address. Letters from third-parties saying that the applicant and the abuser lived together, and any evidence of the abuse may be collected. Documentation with regards to the applicant’s good moral character could be used as additional information. This could be done through police clearances.

Seeing a Mental Health Professional

If the applicant is able to afford one, they are recommended to see a psychologist, therapist, or other professional. Typically, a psychologist or a therapist provides a letter or a report with regard to the abuse that the applicant has suffered. Such information could be used as VAWA application evidence in Montgomery County to show the abuse that the person experienced. People who are survivors of crimes from a parent, child, or spouse often need someone need to talk to since it is not easy going through this process alone.

It is acknowledged that not everyone could afford to seek such treatment. The applicant does not have to feel like they are lost since they were not able to see a psychologist or a therapist. If they are not able to seek professional help, they could state in their statement why they were not able to do so. They should not have that kind of burden on their shoulders.

It is no guarantee that the application will be approved if they have a letter of report from a psychologist. The applicant must to meet all the requirements.

Getting a Background Check

USCIS dictates that a background check is a mandatory requirement. The check is a necessary part of the VAWA application in Montgomery County to show that the individual is a person of good moral character. Typically, the background check is done by the police department in the jurisdiction in which the applicant lived for a minimum period of six months or more. Each jurisdiction and each police department has its own procedure in requesting a police clearance or a background check. The applicant will have to reach out to each police department where they have resided to find out the procedure for that department.

Submitting Fingerprints as Evidence

There are some jurisdictions in which an applicant lived that will require submitting fingerprints. The purpose of submitting the print is to find out if the applicant has a criminal record. USCIS does require fingerprinting for those who have submitted the Form I-485, which is the application to become a lawful permanent resident. Applicants typically pay an $85 bio-metrics fee. The applicant will receive a notice with the date and time of the appointment to submit the fingerprints. The notice will contain the address of the USCIS bio-metrics office. The bio-metrics is typically close to the field office.

Consult a Montgomery Lawyer for Help

Given the numerous steps a person is required to take before filing for VAWA, applicants may benefit from reaching out to a seasoned immigration lawyer. Call an attorney that has experience with evidence in a Montgomery County VAWA application.

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