Documenting Abuse in Montgomery County VAWA Applications

Applicants looking to obtain a Green Card under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) are required to prove that they were victims of abuse. In order to do so, applicants should be able to provide evidence that they suffered abuse at the hands of an abuser, and that the abuse occurred physically or through extreme mental cruelty. For help with documenting abuse in Montgomery County VAWA applications, be sure to reach out to a seasoned injury attorney today.

Proving Mental Abuse in VAWA Applications

A psychological evaluation can be used to show the effects of mental abuse, but typically a detailed statement from the applicant and any third parties like family and friends can be used as evidence of the mental abuse experienced by an applicant. Unfortunately, not many people have the funds to undergo a psychological evaluation. If an applicant is not able to get a psychological evaluation, they would have to write out a detailed account of the mental abuse they experienced.

Misconceptions Regarding VAWA Applications

A common misconception regarding documenting abuse in Montgomery County VAWA applications is that the abuse could only be physical. On the contrary, if the applicant is a victim of extreme and cruel mental abuse, they should be able to meet the qualifications for VAWA.

Another common misconception is that the abuse should have been reported to the authorities. No matter if law enforcement is aware of the applicant’s abuse, an applicant could qualify for VAWA if they proved the abuse occurred. The VAWA application is also not limited to women, anyone can qualify for VAWA if they meet the criteria for abuse.

Proving a Person is an Abuser

An important factor when applying for VAWA is to be able to provide documentary evidence of the abuser’s status in the United States, e.g., a local permanent resident or U.S. citizen. It may not be easy for the applicant to obtain this information and they may need to seek the help of private investigators to obtain that kind of information. An applicant may also submit a FOIA (“Freedom of Information Act”) request. Those applicants who have a criminal or immigration violation should speak to an immigration attorney before submitting a VAWA application to make sure they are eligible.

Reach Out to an Attorney Today

If you have been the victim of abuse, you may qualify for VAWA if you meet the required conditions. However, in order to qualify for VAWA, you should contact an attorney for help with documenting abuse in Montgomery County VAWA applications. A lawyer could meet with you to review your situation and talk about your experiences, help you craft ways to prove your abuse occurred, and assist you with all necessary documentation.

To get started on an application, be sure to get in touch with an attorney for help with your case. By retaining the services of an attorney, you may be able to increase the likelihood of submitting a successful application. Schedule a consultation today.

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