Leesburg VAWA Application Decisions

Upon filing for VAWA you may be left wondering about when you would hear a decision. In most cases, it would typically take two years to have a VAWA application approved. You could also check USCIS’s website for the current processing times and see where USCIS is in terms of adjudicating VAWA applications. Unfortunately, there is no way to speed to Leesburg VAWA application decisions, but a knowledgeable attorney could make sure that your application is error-free in order to minimize delay.

Steps Following a VAWA Approval in Leesburg

When a person receives a VAWA approval, they would be granted deferred action and would be able to apply to receive employment authorization. If the VAWA recipient has submitted their adjustment application with the I-360, they would then be able to have their I-485 adjudicated.

Does Legal Status Affect Employment Possibilities?

A person’s legal status does not impede a VAWA recipient from obtaining employment once they have received work authorization. They should be able to secure a job or position similar or equal to the job they might have previously had before coming to the U.S. However, there are specific jobs, particularly in the government, that are typically only available to citizens.

Reasons for a Rejection

Some of the main reasons an application might be rejected include:

  • Not showing the relationship that the VAWA applicant had with the abuser
  • Not showing that the abuser is a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident
  • Not completing every section of the application
  • Not signing their application
  • Not showing that the applicant has lived with the abuser
  • Failing to show that the VAWA applicant is a person of good moral character

In the case of a rejected application, the VAWA applicant does not have to leave the country. A removal order is not included in a rejection notice.

VAWA for Children

The VAWA process is not different for children. If a child is the victim of abuse, they can apply for VAWA on their own. If their parents were abused, the children may be considered derivatives of their parent’s VAWA application.

Is a Police Report Required?

For a VAWA case, there does not have to be a police report showing previous abuse. Many VAWA applicants do not report the abuse to the police due to the complicated nature of being abused by a close relative. As a result, USCIS does not require a police report for VAWA applications. In addition, there is no requirement for the VAWA applicant to testify against their U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident abuser in a criminal proceeding or before USCIS.

Benefits of Retaining Legal Assistance

There are many benefits that comes with retaining legal assistance when applying for VAWA. By hiring an attorney, you would be hiring someone with years of experience who could advise you on the necessary documents you would need to submit in order to process your application in a reasonable amount of time. In addition, a lawyer could provide you with valuable information in regards to Leesburg VAWA application decisions.

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