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If you specialize in a field that offers culturally unique events, you may be eligible for a P-3 visa. With the help of a DC P visa lawyer, you can easily determine your eligibility and receive assistance with the application process. Our legal team has extensive experience with a wide variety of visa applications, and we can provide you with invaluable guidance to ensure that your application is completed correctly and to alleviate the burden of the application process on you.

Services Available in DC

We offer a variety of legal services to individuals seeking P-3 visas. At the very beginning of the process, our DC P-3 visa attorneys conduct a full assessment to determine eligibility, which allows them to advise clients on how to go about the process. We thoroughly explain the application process and provide assistance with completing the required forms and gathering the necessary documentation. Our lawyers can even assist P-3 visa holders with applying for their family members to join them during their time in the U.S.

DC P-3 Visas Explained

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sets forth the requirements for this type of visa. A P-3 visa is a special type of temporary work visa that allows performers, artists, teachers, and coaches to enter the U.S. to participate in culturally unique events. The cultural event may be commercial or noncommercial and must serve the purpose of furthering the understanding of the particular art form.

P-3 visas are valid for as long as it takes to complete the event, not to exceed one year, but extensions may be granted in one year increments when necessary for the individual to complete the event. Once the P-3 visa has been granted, the individual may apply for their spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age to accompany them to the U.S.

How to Apply

To apply for a P-3 visa, the U.S. employer or sponsoring organization must first complete and file the Form I-129 with the proper USCIS service center, which is determined based upon the location in which the individual will be working. The Form I-129 must be submitted with the required filing fee and the necessary supporting documentation, including: a copy of the employment contract, a consultation from a labor organization, a description of the event, and evidence of the authenticity and cultural uniqueness of the event. In some cases, an individual’s support personnel may be eligible to accompany them to the U.S., but a separate application must be submitted for those personnel.

Get P-3 Visa Help Today

Applying for a P-3 visa in DC is a multi-step process that requires patience and attention to detail. An experienced DC P-3 visa lawyer understands the importance of completing each step accurately and entirely. They will help you ensure your eligibility and assist you with properly completing the Form I-129 and gathering the requisite documentation. Contact our DC law offices today to speak with a friendly member of our legal team, who can conduct your initial consultation and help you get started.

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