P-1 Visas: Qualified Sponsors

Think you may qualify for a P-Visa? Here is what you should know about who qualifies as a sponsor and other important information. To learn more schedule a consultation with a DC P visa lawyer today.

Role of a P Visa Sponsor

The sponsor needs to show basically that they are a viable organization within the United States and that they have extended an offer of employment to the beneficiary. Sometimes that will involve having a written contract or paying them a down payment. Sometimes there won’t be a contract, but it might just be a summary of the terms of the oral agreement the two parties have. And also the petitioner has to have a detailed explanation of the nature of the event or activity that’s going to happen and what the performer(s) role in it will be.

An example would be if you’re applying for visa for soccer team coming to the U.S. to compete, you could show proof of the tournament that you’re hosting.

Are There Expiration Dates for P-1 Visas?

There is an expiration date on P-1 visas. It’s different for every case because it’s going to be valid for the duration of time needed to complete the event or to complete the performance that they’re entering for.

Can Extensions be Filed for P-1 Visas?

Extensions can be filed if you’re doing, for example, a tour throughout the country and it’s extended. It can be extended for the period of time that it’s going to take to complete whatever you’re here to do.

Do You Need to Know English to Get a P-1 Visa?

You do not need to know or speak English for a P-1 visa. This is because, again, it’s not really relevant. If you’re an athlete entering for athletic event, it really doesn’t matter if you speak English or not.

Who is Eligible for P Visas?

One thing to consider is that even if you can prove eligibility in every way, you still have to be admissible to the U.S. So, if you have a serious criminal record, it will make you inadmissible. If you have prior orders of deportation/removal, or fall under any of the other grounds of inadmissibility, you can be barred from entering the country even if you’re otherwise qualified for a P visa. Same goes for the O visa.

A DC P Visa Lawyer Can Help

It’s similar to an O visa in that it’s just important that you’re able to put your best foot forward and assemble your evidence in a way that is really going to highlight your achievements and demonstrate to the US government that you’re qualified. Also, many times due to the nature of these visas, the entry date might be really time-sensitive. So, you want to make very sure that you submit all documentation correctly so that your entry does not get unnecessarily delayed.

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