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Applying for a P-2 visa requires submitting an array of information, including forms and supporting documentation, but our DC P-2 visa lawyers are well-versed in the process. If you wish to apply for a P-2 visa, our seasoned team can simplify the process for you. With the guidance of a DC P-Visa lawyer who has extensive experience with this type of visa, you can rest assured that your application is completed timely and correctly.

How a DC P Visa Lawyer Can Assist You

We provide our clients with a variety of visa services. Determining if you are eligible for this type of visa is the first step. A P-2 visa attorney will assess your situation and ensure that you are applying for the appropriate visa type.

We also advise our clients on how to complete all the necessary steps of the process to ensure that each step is complete and correct. In addition, we assist clients with filling out the required forms, gathering all the necessary documentation, and submitting the information to the proper processing location.

What is a P-2 Visa?

P-2 visas, which are governed by US Citizenship and Immigration Services, are short-term work visas available to artists and entertainers, including both individuals and groups. Only those are entering the US through a government-approved reciprocal exchange program are eligible for this visa type. Participants in the program must possess a similar skill level as the US participants of the program who perform in other countries.

About the Application Process

The first step of the process is for the US sponsoring labor organization or US employer to file the Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker on behalf of the employee with the proper service center. The required filing fee must accompany the Form I-129 as well as supporting documentation, including:

  • A representation from a labor organization
  • The reciprocal exchange agreement
  • A description of the reciprocal exchange from the sponsoring organization
  • Proof of the requisite skill level
  • Proof that a US labor organization negotiated the reciprocal exchange

Once the visa has been approved, the individual must apply for entry to the US at a US embassy or consulate. The visa is good for the duration of the event at which the individual will perform, not to exceed one year, and it may be extended in increments of up to one year to as needed to continue or complete the event. A DC employment visa lawyer can assist in making sure you do not violate your visa.

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P-2 visas can provide artists and entertainers a valuable opportunity to perform in the U.S., helping them to gain international exposure and build their US fan base. While the application can seem intimidating, a DC P-2 visa lawyer can streamline the process and alleviate the burden on you. Our attorneys are familiar with reciprocal exchange programs available to performers and how to properly complete each step of the application process. We will give you the guidance you need every step along the way. Get your consultation today.

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