DC Immigration Delay Lawyer

If you have been waiting many months or sometimes even years for a decision from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you may be experiencing stress and worry from the delay. The cause of the delay may be unclear to you, and it is likely that you are in need of answers.

A skilled immigration attorney can speak with you about your situation and explain the legal options which may be available to you. Delays occur for various reasons, so you need not assume that a delay means you will face a denial. Talk with a DC Immigration Delay Lawyer, if you are concerned about the delay in your application process.

Delays in Citizenship or Green Card Applications

Processing citizenship and Green Card applications may require many steps, but the USCIS has an obligation to process cases within a reasonable amount of time. Some applicants may find that five to ten years have passed and their case has not progressed.

Processing times may vary, but in some cases, the application is pending for a much longer period of time than usual. One common reason for an extended delay is the performance of background checks. The FBI performs background checks for USCIS applications, and cases can pile up in processing.

If an individual is waiting for an interview or a decision and it seems to be taking longer than normal, they may want to speak with an immigration attorney in Washington DC. There are legal actions which an individual can take in an attempt to get their case moving once again.

Legal Remedies for Immigration Delays

An individual can continue to wait for an interview or decision in their case. However, an attorney can take various actions on behalf of a client to compel a decision.

The following options can be helpful in getting a case moving through the USCIS process:

  • Request a congressional inquiry
  • Contact USCIS directly
  • Contact the USCIS Ombudsman’s Office for assistance
  • File a writ of mandamus

A congressional inquiry, direct inquiry with the USCIS might get a case moving through the process. If inquiries fail, however, an individual may consider filing a writ of mandamus.

A writ of mandamus is a civil action in federal court that serves to compel the USCIS to perform their duties. It is important to note that the writ of mandamus does not compel a particular outcome. For example, the court would not order the USCIS to grant or approve the application. Instead, the writ of mandamus can compel the USCIS to take some action that is within their duties. A DC immigration delay lawyer can help an individual prepare and file a writ of mandamus.

If a court compels the USCIS to act, the USCIS can still ultimately deny the application. However, the court order can lead to faster processing for an eventual approval.

Speak with a DC Immigration Delay Attorney Today

It can be frustrating to wait for years for a life-changing decision. If you believe that the processing of your application is taking longer than normal, you do have options. An attorney can help you get your case moving along again, so that you may receive a decision.

Immigration attorneys understand how important this decision may be for you and your family. Contact a DC immigration delay lawyer today if you are concerned about the delay in your Green Card or naturalization application.

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