Law Enforcement Certification for an Arlington U Visa

The law enforcement certification is the Form I-918 Supplement B that shows that the applicant was indeed a victim of a qualifying crime. This certification shows that they cooperated with law enforcement or the prosecution and that a certifying official has signed off on the form. These forms are available on the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website. If you have any questions regarding the law enforcement certification for an Arlington U Visa and how an attorney could help, contact a seasoned U visa attorney today.

Obtaining a Law Enforcement Certification

To obtain a law enforcement certification for an Arlington U Visa, the individual will have to include the agency they were assisting, the status of the case, case number, FBI number if applicable, the type of crime committed, specific information about the incident, and whether the crime occurred in the United States. To get a law enforcement officer to sign their certification, the person must show any reports that remain and how that they were helpful in the prosecution of the qualifying crime. Call a knowledgeable immigration lawyer for more information about obtaining a law enforcement certification.

Criminal Record Impact on Application

Even if a person has a criminal or immigration record of their own, they can still apply for a U visa, however, they must consider that it may not be granted depending on the gravity of the crime or the violation. If it can be waived, the U visa applicant will have to submit a waiver.

The type of record that would render an applicant inadmissible to the United States includes having previous immigration or criminal violations. For example, immigration issues can include entering the U.S. without inspection, having previously been in removal proceedings making a misrepresentation to the U.S. government, or committing fraud. Criminal inadmissibility issues typically revolve around having admitted to or committing a crime involving moral turpitude, prostitution, having committed two or more aggravated crimes, money laundering, controlled substances, and other serious crimes.

Applying for a Waiver

If a U visa applicant has been deemed inadmissible and the individual applies for a waiver, they would have to explain the violation that deemed them inadmissible and show why they wish to remain in the United States. They also would have to show that they would not be a risk to society, explain why they want to remain in the country (perhaps a family hardship), demonstrate that they are an active member of the community, include additional information about what will happen to their family if they have to leave, and any other hardship factors. They also would have to state when the crime occurred, what crime it was, the outcome of any proceedings, proof they were rehabilitated, and if the crime was harmful to society, that they are no longer a harm or risk to society.

How an Arlington Attorney Could Help

If you have any questions about the U visa process and how an attorney could help you with your certification, call and schedule a consultation. A dedicated lawyer could help you understand the law enforcement certification for an Arlington U visa and how you could obtain one. Contact an attorney today to get started.

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