Benefits of an Arlington U Visa Attorney

Filing a U visa application can be difficult without the assistance of a legal professional. An attorney could help explain the eligibility criteria and ensure the forms are complected correctly. A lawyer could also ensure that the necessary supporting documentation is provided.

Another one of the benefits of an Arlington U visa attorney is that they could assist with obtaining the required Form I-918 Supplement B from the law enforcement agency that has investigated the case or the district attorney’s office that has prosecuted the crime. Often, law enforcement and the prosecution will require guidance on how to complete Form I-918 Supplement B and will want details regarding the harm that the applicant has suffered as a result of the crime. If you are applying for a U visa, reach out to an experienced lawyer today.

What to Look For in An Attorney For a U Visa Case

Applicants should seek the services of a lawyer who understands the criteria for a U visa application. A seasoned lawyer will be able to determine definitively if the applicant is likely to prevail in the submission of their application. In addition, it is crucial to know whether the attorney knows whether a waiver of inadmissibility will be required so that a U visa may be granted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Common Mistakes in the U Visa Process

One of the frequent mistakes in the U visa application process is when the applicant fails to provide the necessary evidentiary documentation and additional supporting documents of the harm suffered and the cooperation with law enforcement. Many believe they will qualify for the U visa but after talking to an attorney, they find out they are not victims of qualifying crimes.

People tend to make these mistakes because they do not fully understand the U visa process and the documentation and supporting evidence required in order to make sure that the U visa process is successful. A person must have been the victim of a qualifying crime, not just any crime. Fortunately, one of the benefits of an Arlington U visa attorney is that they could review an individual’s case and determine whether they have a valid claim.

Criminal Proceedings in U Visa Case

Criminal proceedings can affect the U visa application. There are some crimes for which a U visa applicant may be convicted that will require a waiver of inadmissibility.

When filing for a U visa, a person must be aware of the crime for which they are being charged and obtain the expert advice of a lawyer before pleading guilty to a crime. Before any noncitizen admits guilt to anything, they should consult with an immigration attorney to see how that conviction will detrimentally affect the applicant’s immigration application or current status.

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People choose to work with attorneys in U visa matters to make sure that this process is as straightforward to them as possible. The people who are applying for a U visa are victims of qualifying crimes, so they have already suffered physical or mental harm or both. A lawyer will be able to provide the support that the individual needs.

A lawyer will offer the applicant opinions and strategies as to the best manner of getting the documentation that is needed to prove that they were victims of a qualifying crime and that they have been helpful to law enforcement and/or the prosecution. The goal of an attorney is to help the applicant obtain any evidence that will be helpful in the case.

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