Applying for Asylum in Prince William County

The asylum application for Prince William County is the same throughout the country because immigration law is federal so it does not change from county to county or state to state. Those applying for asylum will use Form I-589, which is available on the USCIS website and it is a fairly straightforward form. It asks extensive information about biographical information about a person and their family, where they have resided, and their immigration history.

There is some basic information that a person needs to submit when applying for asylum regarding the basis of their fear of returning to their home country and why they believe they will be at risk of persecution and it is what they include in that application that is basically a summary of the entire claim.

Anyone seeking Asylum in Prince William County should contact an experienced asylum lawyer that can give them peace of mind throughout the application process. A Prince William County asylum lawyer will have important knowledge about how asylum laws impact your case.

Asylum Priorities

The more important part of the asylum application is a person’s statement or their declaration, which explains in thorough detail the grounds for their asylum case, which will be attached to that application. Then a person also wants to submit a significant amount of supporting documentation that will corroborate their claim but the actual application, the form itself is on USCIS Form I-589.

Where to Apply for Asylum

If someone is present in the United States but there has not been an asylum case initiated, they can apply for asylum in Virginia. If they have not received a notice to appear in front of the immigration court, then they can apply at the asylum office and he or she will send the application to the Texas Service Center, which processes all these initial asylum cases and they will forward their case to the appropriate asylum office.

The interview for applying to asylum will take place at 1525 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington. If a person is applying for asylum with the immigration court, so if they are filing defensively. An open applying for asylum case in front of the immigration judge, then they will also be appearing at the Arlington immigration court, which is 1091 South Bell Street in Arlington.

Application Process

It is generally preferred to submit a basic asylum application package. That does contain as much supporting documentation as the initial asylum filing but the individual can continue to supplement the asylum application while they are waiting for the interview or while they are waiting for their hearing date.

The deadline for asylum documents will depend on where a person is applying. If they are applying for asylum in Prince William County, they will be appearing for their asylum interview in Virginia, in the Arlington asylum office, then they will submit all the documentation. Ideally, they want to submit all asylum documentation at least two weeks prior to the asylum interview so that they have time to review it. However, the absolute deadline for asylum documentation is at least seven days prior to the interview for Virginia.

Immigration Court

If a person is in immigration court, and they are filing the defensive asylum application before the immigration judge, then the deadline is at least 15-days prior to the date of the individual asylum hearing. This may differ depending on that judges specific preferences. The person applying for asylum in Prince William County should pay attention at their final master calendar hearing prior to the trial so they are aware of the judge’s rule. Some of them want all the asylum documents to be submitted 30-days prior so it is important to pay attention to the specific rules of the judge that they are appearing in front of.

Difficulty of Applying

Applying for asylum in Prince William County is a long and involved process. It is definitely helpful to have somebody who is knowledgeable about asylum and the particular preferences and adjudication practices and procedures of the local asylum officers and the local immigration court where their client is applying. It is a more difficult process if they are in front of the immigration court because there is a prosecutor present. If initially applying for asylum with USCIS, the process will be a more relaxed environment because only the asylum lawyer, their client and the USCIS adjudicator will be involved.

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