Prince William County Asylum Interviews

The Prince William County asylum interview is what happens at USCIS after the individual has waited through the queue to receive the interview date. They will attend the interview and an examination and evaluation of the basis for their claim.

The individual needs to be extremely prepared and familiar with all the statements that they have made in the asylum application because the most important thing that they are determining in the interview is their credibility and the whole basis of their claim. They want to know why the individual believes that they are going to be at risk if they return to their home country.

If you are preparing for a Prince William County asylum interview, an experienced asylum lawyer can advise you based on the facts of your case.

Duration of an Interview

Some people have complex descriptions or histories of political parties and that is a need to be dealt into in order to evaluate their claim. Some people have straightforward claims like if they are referring to gang violence in El Salvador or something like that and maybe they have one incident where they were actually targeted and the whole basis of the claim centers around that one incident.

Sometimes people have a long timeline of trying to flee to different parts of the country. It depends on the case but some Prince William County asylum interviews last all day long. In some asylum interview cases, it will take two or three hours and almost never shorter.

Interview Phases

The interview is divided into different phases, the first thing is just going through a person’s 589 application, which is all biographical information and an individual can make any corrections on their application that they have at that point and then the second part is going through their statement and the reason that they fear returning. The first part of the Prince William County asylum interview is a little bit more administrative in making sure the information that a person submitted has been correct and the second part of the basis for their fear.

Asylum Case Trends

There is not allowed to be in any preference that is given to certain nationalities or ethnic groups during Prince William County asylum interviews. In some cases, it is easier to demonstrate that an individual is going to be subject to harm based on their membership in a particular social group. If it is an obvious situation where the government in a person’s home country is explicitly and openly targeting certain members of a certain political party, those cases might be easier to illustrate the harm. Those cases might be well documented in international media and all they need to do is document their membership in a particular social group that they are claiming is the basis of their fears.

Asylum Fraud Cases

In some Prince William County asylum interview cases, it is easier for certain people to be granted asylum just because there is more well-documented harm to a particular social group in some cases but there is not an actual preference given to a certain race or nationality. There have been asylum interview situations where there have been specific or certain nationalities and types of asylum claims that people can claim membership in a particular social group in a way that is fraudulent.

There is a lot of asylum fraud that has taken place in Prince William County asylum interviews. There have been cases in the past several years of the Chinese one child policy or forced abortion in China and those cases were being routinely granted. They start to see similar claims coming up and similar statements may be coming from the same attorney’s office and declarations that were being reused and recycled. If something like that happens, the government will generally catch on and they can subject similar claims to higher scrutiny if they believe there is a risk of fraud involved.

Prince William County Asylum Interviews

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