Obtaining a U Visa in Leesburg

The process of obtaining a U visa in Leesburg can be a difficult process to navigate alone. A skilled U visa lawyer could be instrumental during the application process. Your attorney could help you collect the information needed to fill out certain documents, and help you turn those documents in an appropriate period of time. If you want to know more about the U visa process, speak with an attorney and know that you are in capable hands.

Documentation Needed to Obtain a U Visa

The first step in obtaining a U visa in Leesburg, involves filling out Form I-918 and Form I-918 Supplement B, which shows that they have been a  victim of a qualifying crime. If applicable, Form I-192, which is the application for advance permission to enter as non-immigrant is needed to request a waiver of inadmissibility.

The applicant will have to show supporting documentation that that they were the victim of a qualifying crime either in violation of U.S. law, in the United States, or the crime occurred in the United States, that the applicant assisted law enforcement and prosecutors in the investigation of the case, and that the applicant suffered either substantial mental or physical harm.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a U Non-immigrant Status Visa?

Those eligible to apply for U non-immigrant status visa are applicants who were  victims of a qualifying crime that violated U.S. laws or a crime that occurred in the United States. They must have assisted law enforcement or the prosecution in the investigation and they  must have suffered substantial mental or physical harm as a result of that crime. In terms of its eligibility, it does not depend on the commission of a federal crime.

Could a Person with a Student Visa Apply for a U visa?

Having a student visa does not prevent someone from obtaining a U visa in Leesburg. The process does not look any different. The process would be the same as non-students and they would use the same forms as any other applicant.

A person with a work visa could obtain a U visa, as well. It is possible to have both a U visa and a work visa at once. It is possible to be a U visa applicant while having another kind of visa. U visa holders are eligible to receive work authorization. Once their U visa application is granted, the applicant receives employment authorization.

Parties Involved in the Application Process

The other parties involved in the U visa case process are the local police department, local law enforcement, government agencies, federal law enforcement, the prosecution’s office, and those involved in issuing Form I-918 Supplement B certification. USCIS is involved, because they are the ones that receive the application.

Mental health facilities and hospitals are involved, because the applicant must demonstrate that he or she suffered mental harm, physical harm, or both. If the applicant is in removal proceedings, the DHS and the Immigration Judge would be involved.

Length of U Visas in Leesburg

A U visa lasts for four years, but the U visa recipient can adjust to become a lawful permanent after being a U visa holder for three years. If the U visa recipient decides not to adjust, they can extend their U visa status under certain conditions.

U visas can be renewed. Typically, if they have been a U visa holder for three years, they should proceed with becoming a lawful permanent resident. However, if for some reason they do not meet the eligibility to adjust to lawful permanent resident status, the U visa recipient can apply for an extension. A person would need to apply for a U visa extension if they decide not to, or cannot, become a lawful permanent resident. If an individual wants to know more about the process of obtaining a U visa in Leesburg, they should consult a knowledgeable U visa lawyer that could help.

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