VAWA Background Checks in Arlington

VAWA background checks in Arlington are necessary for an applicant. It is required to show that the individual is eligible for VAWA and that they are a person of good moral character.

The process of the background check depends on the jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions require the local police clearance or a state criminal record check for the places in which the VAWA applicant has lived at least six months during the three-year period preceding the filing of the VAWA application.

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Who Completes the Background Check?

Typically, the background check is completed by the local police department or the state criminal check is done by the State Police. Third-party companies can be involved when doing the fingerprints for an FBI check when a local or state police department is not available, but it is usually the state agency that runs the background check. These background checks clarify that there are no pending issues or that there were no issues that would cause any doubt about the applicant’s good moral character.

Submitting Fingerprints

Once all of these steps are completed, an applicant will have to wait. The application is submitted to USCIS and the VAWA applicant just has to wait for USCIS to adjudicate their application.

When the applicant submits an application, they must also submit fingerprints to USCIS. Fingerprints are required for a background check on the VAWA applicant to show that they are a person of good moral character. It also lets USCIS know if the applicant does have a criminal history whether this criminal history would make the person ineligible to adjust. The USCIS conducts fingerprints at their biometrics centers. When they are scheduled for biometrics, the address will be noted on the biometrics notice.

Evidence Needed in VAWA Cases

When submitting the VAWA application, the individual has to show the qualifying relationship between them and the abuser, proof that they and the abuser have lived together, proof of the abuse, proof of the applicant’s good moral character, and any additional evidence that proves that the marriage was genuine.

If more evidence is needed, the process is that the USCIS would send a Request for Evidence (RFE). With that RFE, USCIS indicates exactly what they need. For example, if there is a request for evidence asks for evidence of cohabitation, the applicant must submit that evidence before the stated deadline. Once that evidence is received, USCIS can continue the adjudication of the application.

Call an Arlington Attorney About VAWA Background Checks

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