Arlington VAWA Application Process

The Violence Against Women Act allows individuals to petition to get a Green Card on their own and without the sponsorship of the abusive spouse. If you believe you are eligible for a Green Card due to the VAWA, you should reach out to a seasoned VAWA attorney. An experienced lawyer could help you with the Arlington VAWA application process. Call today and set up a consultation.

Evidence Required in a VAWA Application

The main form for the VAWA application is the Form I-360. It is completed by the VAWA applicant answering the questions that are requested by the Form I-360 and submitting evidence that they have a qualifying relationship with a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident who has been abusive or extremely cruel to the applicant.

In addition, they have to submit evidence that they, as the VAWA applicant has lived with the abuser, and evidence of the applicant’s good moral character. Also, if the VAWA applicant is eligible for admission, they are able to submit the Form I-485 to obtain lawful permanent resident status at the same as the Form I-360 is filed. In addition, if admissible, they are also able to submit the Form I-765, which is the application form for employment authorization, and Form I-131, which is the application for a travel document. A lawyer could help an individual submit forms during the Arlington VAWA application process.

Is the Application Confidential?

The VAWA application is confidential. USCIS realizes that people submitting these applications may be in a position of danger so they want to make sure that those submitting this application understand that it is being submitted in total confidence. The Form I-360 asks the VAWA applicant to include a safe address where USCIS is able to send mail if needed. If the VAWA applicant is being represented by an attorney, they may put the attorney’s address and USCIS will send all mail and additional correspondence to the attorney.

How Does Being Married to a U.S. Citizen Impact an Application?

If someone is married to a U.S. citizen, they meet the first criteria for VAWA eligibility. The applicant will need to show that they lived with the abusive spouse. Also, they will have to show the cruelty or abuse that they faced at the hands of the U.S. citizen spouse and that the VAWA applicant is a person of good moral character. Because the VAWA applicant was married to a U.S. citizen, they would be able to submit the Form I-485 to adjust and to become a lawful permanent resident at the same time as the Form I-360.

Steps to Take When Beginning the VAWA Application Process

The first step someone would take when beginning the Arlington VAWA application process is to ensure their safety. People applying for VAWA have been victims of abuse, so safety should be apriority. If they need to contact the authorities to take steps to prevent any further harm from that abusive family member, that is something that the VAWA applicant should take.

With regard to the application process, the VAWA applicant will have to gather all of the necessary evidence to demonstrate the relationship that they have with the abuser. It would be in the form of a marriage certificate or birth certificate. Also, they will have to show that they lived with their abuser. That could be shown through leases, joint bank accounts, and any mail that shows that they shared the address.

Also, during the beginning process of the application, the applicant will have to obtain any documentation that demonstrates the abuser’s extreme cruelty and that the VAWA applicant was the victim. That could be shown through police records, hospital records, any records from a mental health facility as well as any supporting statements from family members and friends.

For help with this process, an applicant should contact an accomplished lawyer who could help with these steps. Call today.

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