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In recent years, the Department of Homeland Security has targeted the workplace to track immigrants. The municipal fines for violations can be hefty, with a single Form I-9 error costing employers thousands of dollars.

Employers continue to face enforcement of their compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). They may now be subject to unprecedented levels of scrutiny at all stages of the hiring process.

Whether a business has been issued a Notice of Inspection or wishes to revisit its corporate policies and procedures related to I-9 amenability, a skilled Alexandria I-9 immigration compliance lawyer who has experience and knowledge can provide legal options to suit employers’ immigration needs. To get started on your case, schedule a consultation with a seasoned attorney today.

Verifying Employment Eligibility to Meet I-9 Compliance in Alexandria

The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) states that employers must verify their employees’ immigration status. Under the IRCA, they must complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9. Failure to comply can result in numerous civil and criminal sanctions.

The employer should require every new employee to complete the first section of the I-9 form on the first day of work. If the employee refuses to complete the form, work should not be permitted to resume until this step is completed.

The employee can provide any acceptable document or combination of documents listed on the Form I-9. It is considered discriminatory for employers to request specific documents from the employee. Likewise, the employer must not discriminate on the basis of citizenship status or national origin in employment matters, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Employers may face serious consequences for failing to comply with the law. Even if an employer only hires authorized workers, they can still be liable for significant fines for failing to properly maintain paperwork.

Form I-9 exists to verify the identity of the worker and their employment eligibility. The documents that seek to achieve those goals include:

  • S. Passports, foreign passports with I-551 stamps, permanent residency cards, and employment authorization forms (List A)
  • Driver’s licenses, U.S. military cards, voter’s registrations cards, identification cards, or school I.D. cards with photographs (List B)
  • S. Social Security account number card, a Certification of Birth Abroad, a Certification of Report of Birth, or an Employment authorization document issued by the Department of Homeland Security (List C)

Are Independent Contractors Required to Complete an I-9 Form in Alexandria?

An independent contractor is considered an individual entity who carries on contracts to do work according to their own means and methods. According to the government, independent contractors do not fall under the category of employees. As a result, most employers are not required to complete a Form I-9 for independent contractors.

However, in some cases, employers may face scrutiny for the immigration status of the contractors even without being responsible for completing Form I-9. If an employer contracts or knowingly does business with undocumented contractors, they may face serious fines and penalties. For more information, contact an Alexandria I-9 immigration compliance lawyer today.

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In an effort to enforce and crack down on violators of I-9 rules and regulations, the federal government has increased its audits and investigations of businesses and employers. As an employer operating in this environment, noncompliance with these strict regulations can result in civil and criminal penalties.

With the assistance of a trusted Alexandria I-9 immigration compliance lawyer, employers will no longer be isolated in the task to navigating through the requirements of the government’s regulatory scheme. To learn more, call today.

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