Alexandria Asylum Interview

While anticipating an Alexandria asylum interview can be a stressful experience, know that an experienced immigration attorney can assist in your preparation. Read on to learn more about the asylum or immigration interview process, as well as the ways in which an skilled Alexandria asylum attorney can make a difference in your case.

What to Expect in an Alexandria Asylum Interview

In an Alexandria asylum interview, an affirmative asylum applicant is asked questions by an asylum officer to determine their eligibility for asylum. The applicant submits an asylum application to a USCIS service center. Then they must wait to be scheduled for an interview at their local asylum office.

While the applicant waits, they are eligible for work authorization after 180 days of the asylum applications pendency. After they are interviewed, a decision is made on their application either to approve or refer it to an immigration judge for adjudication. 

There is no set time for the interview to be conducted. The officer will ask questions sufficient to establish the claim. However, they typically last about one to two hours. All interviews are usually done in one sitting. 

How to Prepare for an Alexandria Asylum Interview

Applicants can prepare for an asylum interview by reviewing the evidence they have submitted, reviewing the filed application, and knowing the dates and places that were referenced in the asylum application. The asylum officers are typing the responses to the interview questions, so the asylum applicant should be prepared to speak slowly to give the officer an opportunity to type. The applicant should also ensure that they know where the asylum office is located to arrive on time. If needed, the applicant should bring an interpreter. 

Common Questions Asked

There are different categories of questions that one will be asked. There are biographic questions in the beginning to establish who the individual is. There are questions about where the person has lived, there are questions that go to the root of the claim, and there are questions to establish whether any bars would keep the person from obtaining asylum. 

Is There Prejudice Present Against Certain Nationalities?

An Alexandria asylum application should not fear prejudice when they go into their interview. If the asylum applicant meets the legal standard for asylum, meaning they have suffered past persecution or have a well-founded fear of future persecution on account of a protected ground and cannot avail themselves to the protection of their government and cannot safely and internally relocate, they should be granted asylum. The only issues that will impact eligibility are the bars to asylum regarding conduct, such as crimes or providing material support to terrorist organizations. 

Potential Language Barriers

A language barrier can be an issue in Alexandria asylum interviews. Therefore, an applicant should bring an interpreter if they are not fluent in English or can better explain their claim in their native language. Interpreters are not provided by the asylum office.

There is usually an interpreter listening to the interpretation to ensure that the interpreter is not answering for the applicant. It is highly recommended for applicants to consult with a lawyer who can offer advice on where to find experienced interpreters in these situations.

Military Asylum Requirements

There are certain nationalities that are required to serve in a military if they hail from countries where the U.S. suspects terrorist activities. This will only mean that a more thorough background check will be performed and the individual will not be precluded from obtaining asylum unless the individual has committed an offense that falls into one of the asylum bars. 

If you require assistance for your Alexandria asylum interview, consult with a professional Alexandria asylum attorney to help guide you through the process and ensure a confident preparation.

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