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A foreign national may enter the United States on a nonimmigrant (temporary) visa, but if they wish to stay, work, and enjoy other privileges, they will need to obtain a Green Card. A Green Card allows individuals from other countries to enjoy most of the privileges and rights enjoyed by U.S. citizens on a permanent basis. Only individuals who legally entered the country on visas may apply for Green Cards inside the U.S. through petitions filed by their U.S. citizen spouse, parent (if they are still a minor), or child over 21 years old. Those who will be petitioned by employers or who are not immediate relatives of U.S. citizens and failed to maintain their status will have to go through consular processing abroad.

The Green Card application process contains numerous steps. There are also different application processes for different classes of foreign nationals. If you or a loved one intends to apply for a Green Card, hiring a Prince William County applying for Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status lawyer who could assist with you and simplify your journey to permanent residency.

Family Sponsorship

It is possible for U.S. citizens and permanent resident relatives to sponsor a foreign family member for a Green Card. The three primary types of family sponsorships are:

  • Immediate family members of a U.S. citizen: Spouses, as well as the unmarried minor children and parents of a U.S. citizen will fall into this category.
  • Family members of a U.S. citizen: Unmarried children over the age of 21, married children of any age, and siblings fall into this category.
  • Relatives of Green Card holders: Spouses, as well as the unmarried minor (under 21 years old) children, unmarried adult children, and parents of permanent U.S. residents fall into this category.

Unfortunately, extended family members, such as cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and nieces and nephews will not be able to immigrate based on a family petition. A Prince William County lawyer who can assist in applying for Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status may be able to help applicants and their loved ones navigate the process of finding solutions for these extended family members to immigrate to the U.S. on another basis.

Business and Employment Sponsorship

If a foreign national is offered a job by a company in the U.S., their employer may be able to sponsor them for a Green Card. There are four primary types of work sponsorships including:

  • Job offer – Before sponsoring a foreign employee, an employer must obtain a labor certification from the Department of Labor and then file Form I-140. If the I-140 is approved, and a visa is currently available for that job category, the foreign employee can proceed with submitting Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status to continue the Green Card application process.
  • Investment – Entrepreneurs from foreign countries may be able to obtain a Green Card if they invest in the United States economy by creating jobs.
    Special category jobs – Individuals in certain industries, especially those who need additional employees, may be able to apply for a Green Card.
  • Self-sponsorship – Non-citizens may be able to apply on their own for an employment-based visa. Those with extraordinary abilities and professional backgrounds will take precedence over unskilled laborers.

As mentioned above, those who apply for an employment-based visa will be judged according to their professional background and talents.

The Green Card Application Process

Before a person can obtain an immigrant visa, they must take certain steps. Depending on who has submitted the petition and whether the applicant is physically in the U.S. will determine how the process continues. If the applicant is abroad, they may apply for a Green Card through the immigrant visa process at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

If they are in physically in the country, they may apply for an adjustment of status by submitting Form I-485 as mentioned above. An adjustment of status allows the applicant to upgrade their visa to Green Card status. Applicants will also need to have their fingerprints taken and may have to attend an interview with the USCIS.

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If you or a loved one wishes to obtain a Green Card, there are ways to simplify the process. With a Green Card, you will finally be able to obtain employment and live a free and unbounded life. As daunting as the application process may be, an attorney may be able to answer your questions and provide you with guidance.

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