Hiring a Prince William County Cancellation of Removal Attorney

An individual should search for an experienced cancellation of removal lawyer who has experience litigating before the court that the person is going to be appearing in front of and has knowledge of the judge that the person has been assigned to and can communicate with the prosecutor, and somebody that knows kind of the current climate of the particular court that the person is going to be in front of.

Another important aspect to hiring a Prince William County cancellation of removal attorney is the number of similar cases they have done and how familiar with the expressing the hardships of the case to a judge. When somebody has been doing this for a long time it says something about their understanding of local and highly complex cases.

Why Immigration Attorneys Practice

When hiring a Prince William County cancellation of removal attorney it may be beneficial to know that they enjoy litigating on behalf of their client in the immigration courts. Cancellation of removal lawyers enjoy the fact that every case, story, and family is different. They are willing to tell their clients story and how to best express the hardships of that family’s situation. The way this process begins is by sharing useful evidence and using their client’s testimony.

Constructing the narrative of hardship in non-LPR cancellation cases is the most important part of a cancellation case. Lawyers have seen people who have become aware of establishing the narrative and have started collecting the paper trail to prove their lawful status in the United States. When an individual begins gathering the paperwork, they end up being more prepared than most.

Challenge of Cancellation Cases

The challenging part a lot of times is in cases where there might be a borderline substantial harm situation. A person who has kids, but the kids do not have serious health problems or anything like that. Maybe they are bilingual so it would be easier for them to relocate. In those cases, it could be an uphill battle and the challenging part – the most challenging part as far as communicating with clients is you know, giving them realistic expectation in that there is a huge difference between cases depending on which judge and which prosecutor a person gets.

There are some prosecutors that will concede to a lot of things and will not be extremely aggressive about objecting to certain hardship cases if they think that the hardship is there and there are some prosecutors that will fight everything. They will fight their client at every turn.

Depending on which court a person is in and which judge a person is in front, the person’s chances of success can be vastly different because there is not a lot of uniformity between judges decisions. That is part of the challenge in such cases, which places a higher importance on hiring a Prince William County cancellation of removal attorney.

Common Client Questions

The most common question lawyers get which is extremely common and what is increasingly common is that people would call all the time asking to apply for cancellation of removal when they are not in removal proceedings.

People think that that they are going to qualify for some sort of relief as long as they have been here for ten years and it is something that they can affirmatively apply for, and there have been even stories of kind of unscrupulous attorneys who have applied or told people that they can file for some sort of green card after these things, and that is absolutely not the case.

A person is not eligible for entering into removal proceedings even though it can be a benefit for a lot of people. It is a silver lining to be put into removal proceedings. It is a very stressful and scary situation, but for some people, it is a positive thing because it can turn out allowing the person to be eligible for something that they otherwise would not have been.

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