Role of a Montgomery County U Visa Attorney

The main role of a Montgomery County U visa attorney is understanding the U visa eligibility rules and providing a roadmap to the applicant on the required documentation. An attorney should also be able to explain to the applicant that a waiver is required and identify the documentation needed to submit the waiver with their application.

Anyone involved in criminal proceedings who is filing a U visa should keep in mind the consequences to their immigration status in pleading guilty to certain crimes. If they are guilty of specific crimes, they might need a waiver or they may be completely ineligible for any immigration benefits. For more information, feel free to schedule a consultation with a seasoned attorney.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney

It is important to hire an attorney because it is not easy to determine whether someone is a victim of a qualifying crime. They might be a victim of a qualifying crime and for some reason, believe that the crime that occurred is not serious. By meeting with an attorney, they can determine whether any relief is available to them, especially regarding a U visa.

If someone is a victim of a qualifying crime, an attorney may help prepare the necessary forms required to apply for a U visa. An attorney can assist the applicant in showing their eligibility for a U visa based on:

  • The crime they suffered
  • Willingness to help law enforcement
  • Assistance to law enforcement or prosecutors in the investigation and/or prosecution of the crime

An attorney may assist an applicant by obtaining information that shows the long-term physical or mental abuse the applicant suffered. If for some reason, a waiver is required, the role of a Montgomery County U visa attorney would include obtaining the appropriate documentation and obtaining a waiver to relinquish any inadmissibility issue.

Common Mistakes Made During the Application Process

Some common mistakes seen in U visa application cases may include not submitting the required documentation needed to show USCIS that the individual is the victim of a qualifying crime and they helped law enforcement or prosecution in the investigation and adjudication of that crime.

Certain crimes that require a waiver and other crimes could make an applicant inadmissible and ineligible for any immigration benefit. People involved in criminal proceedings should contact an immigration attorney to see how that affects their U visa application.

Reasons for Hiring an Attorney

One of the main roles of a Montgomery County U Visa attorney is to make the U visa application process as easy as possible for you. An attorney could take on much of the responsibility in regards to submitting the primary evidence needed for a U visa. A lawyer could help you obtain mental health records, hospital records, and documentation from the police. To learn more about the role of an attorney, or for assistance with applying for a U visa, schedule a consultation today.