Montgomery County Family Preference Visa Lawyer

One of the great things about the United States is its ability to allow people to obtain lawful residence status. However, obtaining such a status could prove to be a lengthy and often complicated process. If you are eligible for a family preference visa, it may prove beneficial to seek legal advice from a knowledgeable immigration attorney. A Montgomery County family preference visa lawyer could work with you every step of the way to help ensure that your application is submitted without error.

Determining the Wait Time for Family Preference Visas in Montgomery County

The wait time for family members who have applied to legalize their stay using the preference category is determined by the visa bullet issued by the Department of State. The visa bulletin helps with determining what the preference date is and how long that family member would have to wait before visas are available to them. Applicants would go to the Department of State’s website and open up the visa bulletin to see when the family member’s application or the petition was submitted.

The way to look at the visa bulletin is to see when their priority date is. The priority date is when the approved I-130 was received by USCIS. It is used to determine if a visa is available based on their current date that they are adjudicating applications. If that family member is in the U.S. and a visa is available to them, they should submit an I-45 application to adjust to becoming a lawful permanent resident.

If that family member is abroad, they should be contacted shortly by the National Visa Center to let them know when they are able to begin the immigration visa application and when they should be scheduling an interview with the U.S. embassy or consulate in their home country, or the closest U.S. embassy or consulate if there is not one in their area.

Applying to Multiple Preference Category Visas

If a family member is eligible for another preference category, they should apply for that category, as well. There is no limit on how many I-130 applications they could file on behalf of their self or their family member. Multiple petitioners could submit a Form I-130 application for the same beneficiary. That way they would be able to see which petition gets approved sooner or which category gets approved sooner to allow them to adjust faster.

The only downside to applying would be that each application comes with an application fee. It could be expensive if multiple people are submitting multiple petitions for one beneficiary. Applicants applying to multiple preference category visas should contact a Montgomery County family preference visa lawyer for help.

What to Consider When Qualifying for a High Family Preference Category

If an applicant’s situation changes and they qualify for a higher family preference category, they would have to consider whether the category that family member is currently in would speed up or slow down in terms of priority dates. The beneficiary should also have a petition filed for them in a preference category that would allow them to immigrate to the United States sooner or to adjust to becoming a lawful permanent resident as soon as possible. They would also have to take into consideration what preference category would be best for them.

Common Mistakes Seen in Family Preference Visa Applications

One common mistake made when applying for a family preference visa may involve one family member being eligible for multiple family preference categories and having a petitioner file for them at a lower category. Some other mistakes are misreading the visa bulletin issued by the Department of State and not letting the USCIS know that they want to change preference categories, if they are eligible for a different category.

Get in Touch with a Montgomery County Family Preference Visa Attorney

If you are someone who may be eligible for a family preference visa in Montgomery County, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with an attorney for help. Due to the lengthy process of filing an application, committing an error could cause your application to be delayed. However, by working with a Montgomery County family preference visa lawyer, you may decrease the chances of submitting a faulty application. Get started on your application today by scheduling a consultation today.

Montgomery County Family Preference Visa Lawyer