Conditional Permanent Resident Status in Montgomery County

Conditional permanent resident status could apply to an immigrant spouse who has only been married to the U.S. petitioner for less than two years. A conditional permanent resident card is different from a regular Green Card in that it is good for two years instead of the typical 10-year period. Once the couple shows that their marriage is valid, the conditional status could be removed.

If you are seeking conditional permanent resident status in Montgomery County, you should seek help from a knowledgeable lawyer. An experienced immigration attorney could walk you through the process and ensure your application is properly completed. They could provide valuable advice to someone who is seeking to remove the conditional status of their green card. Call today to get started.

Documentation Showing a Good Faith Marriage

To remove the conditions of the conditional permanent resident card, a Form I-751 will have to be filed jointly by the petitioning spouse and the beneficiary. A person has to provide evidence that the petitioner and the beneficiary continue to be in a good faith bona fide marriage. The way that a person would be able to prove that is by submitting documents that show that the marriage is valid. An immigration attorney can help compile the proper documentation.

This documentation could include any birth certificates of children born between the between the spouses or any documentation showing joint ownership, such as bank accounts, homes, cars, or leases. Other documentation could include pictures of the spouses doing activities together. Any evidence that the spouses could show to prove that they continue to be in a valid bona fide marriage is helpful for this process.

What if the Petition Cannot be Filed Jointly?

Sometimes the conditions of the conditional permanent resident card cannot be removed by filing a joint petition because the marriage falls apart, the petitioner has passed away, or they were abusive. If the spouses cannot file a joint petition, the conditional resident can still file the Form I-751 on their own with a waiver showing the marriage was entered in good faith and that unfortunately, it ended in divorce, death, or abuse.

Denied Applications

An individual would not be issued an immediate relative visa if they are not able to prove a relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary. A petition for spouse would need to provide evidence of a valid bona fide marriage. To prove a parent-child relationship, they need to provide evidence such as a birth certificate or proof of a valid adoption. Not submitting a waiver when one is required would also lead to a denial or it would prevent the intended beneficiary of receiving the immigration benefit.

Speak With a Montgomery County Attorney About Your Immigration Status

If you have questions about your conditional permanent resident status in Montgomery County, reach out to an experienced immigration lawyer. An attorney could help you with the process of removing your conditional status and help you put together a solid application. Get in touch with an attorney today to discuss your situation and your legal options.

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