Maryland U Visa Considerations

There are several Maryland U Visa considerations those who are applying should take into account, such as the differences between asylum protection and the U Visa, as well as any deportation concerns.

Dealing with immigration issues in Maryland can seem overwhelming. However, working with a U Visa attorney can help to ease many of your uncertainties and apprehensions. This is especially important when applying for the U Visa, where there are many particularities to keep in mind.

Deportation Concerns

If people are denied a U Visa, they should generally not be worried about being placed in deportation proceedings. A lot of people who may be in the US without a status have this concern and may have prior orders of deportation.

The stated policy of USCIS is that they do not send the denied cases to ICE or the Department of Homeland Security to initiate removal proceedings for denied cases. It is safe to apply unless a person has serious criminal convictions, are wanted by ICE, or are a national security risk. They may flag a person’s case to send a person into removal proceeding.

U Visa vs. Asylum Protection

The U Visa and asylum protection differ in many ways. The U Visa is the status available to victims of crimes who have been victimized within the United States. After an individual has held the U Visa for three years, they are eligible to adjust their status and apply for a green card.

Asylum a type of status that is for people who have been persecuted not just as a victim of a crime, but by an entity the government cannot or will not control. They have to be persecuted based on their membership in a particular social group, like a race, religion, or nationality. Asylum protection is a new evaluation in victimization, and it needs to be classified as persecution and needs to have occurred outside the United States.

Working with a U Visa Attorney

Individuals applying for the U Visa in Maryland have several considerations to keep in mind and first should look for an attorney who has dealt with many U Visa applications. It is important to have somebody that knows how to best access law enforcement to get proper certification for their applications. It is important to hire somebody who has experience in what the USCIS processing center in Vermont’s current policies are in adjudicating these cases. The types of cases that are being approved do change dependent on certain policies, approval rates, and adjudication procedures in the Vermont Service Center. A person needs somebody on top of the most current rules and practices.

A Maryland attorney that has done cases successfully with the Department of Labor and with Child Protective Services will be most beneficial to you in your application for the U Visa. Someone who has certifications signed by both of those entities and has a lot of experience working with different jurisdictions across the country will best be able to help you in your application.

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