Fairfax Family Green Card Sponsors

Fairfax family green card sponsors are different from the role of a petitioner. The petitioner is the individual with a lawful immigration status that is filing the application on behalf of their relative. Sponsorship is different because a sponsor is an individual showing that they have the financial means to support the intended immigrant in the states. They will financially support the individual and they will not be a burden on the US economy.

If you are interested in knowing more about family sponsorship, a distinguished green card attorney can help you prepare your application. A Fairfax family green card lawyer can help you understand the local laws and requirements to begin the sponsorship process.

Preparation to be a Sponsor

There are legal requirements to becoming Fairfax family green card sponsors. The individual will need to prove that they have the ability to support the intended immigrants and that they earn over 125 percent of the national poverty threshold for the side of their family.

In cases where the petitioner does not make the required amount of money in order to petition their family member and in those cases, the person can get a joint sponsor. This means a second Fairfax family green card sponsor who has a lawful immigration status and is willing to submit their tax returns and pay stubs to show that if the petitioning individual is not able to support the immigrant then the joint sponsor will take on that burden.

Financial Burden of Sponsorship

Being a Fairfax family green card sponsor is similar to co-signing a college loan but it is not quite as risky because sponsorship contracts are rarely enforced. It is legally possible for them to be enforced but it is extremely, extremely rare, there are situations when there may be bankruptcy, if the immigrant goes bankrupt and their creditors find out that this is how they got status and their document has been signed, there may be situations where they can go after co-sponsor but it is rare that it is actually enforced.

It is not like a loan because the reality is that, even for situations in which there needed to be a co-sponsor, it is rare that the immigrant will come to the United States and actually become a ward of the state while they are still in green card status. That does not mean that they cannot apply for any public benefits or anything like that either, so it is in rare situations that it is actually enforced and it is not a huge commitment for the joint sponsor in most cases.

LTR Sponsorship

An LTR is short for legal permanent resident, which is the same thing as a green card holder. This Fairfax family green card sponsor is permanently eligible to remain in the United States but they are not yet a citizen. Permanent residents are limited on who they can apply for, they can apply only for their spouses, their children, and then unmarried sons and daughters. But if a person has a child that is over 21 and married, they are not going to be able to apply as a legal permanent resident.

Sponsorship from a US Citizen

Us citizen scan sponsor their spouse, their child under 21, and a parent and as long as the petitioning citizen is over 21. They can also apply for their unmarried sons and daughters or citizens can apply for married sons and daughters. They can apply for sons and daughters, so kids over 21 whether they are married or not, and they can also apply for their brothers and sisters.

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