Documents Needed for Requesting DACA in Fairfax

The initial application is filed on USCIS Form 821 and the supporting documentation is the bulk of the application, the form is straightforward, it is just biographical information. The supporting evidence needs to directly address all of the requirements. Because their restrictions are strict, the individual has to bring all documents needed for requesting DACA in Fairfax on June 15, 2012. This means the individual will have to trace their presence in the United States at or before June 15, 2007.

An experienced Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals lawyer can help you review the types of documents and information necessary to prove your presence in the United States.

Types of Documentation

If a person were not in school, does not have school records, military records, or things like that, they should be thorough in filling out the documents needed for requesting DACA in Fairfax. It is not enough to only submit an affidavit saying that the individual was present.

Other supporting evidence can sometimes be enough but it is one of the most difficult issues for some people applying for DACA. However, getting supporting evidence can be especially stressful for those who have been living in an undocumented status throughout their whole time in the US. A lot of times they do not have a big paper trail if they did not come as a young child.

A person needs to pay close attention and ensure that they are doing everything they can to address each of the requirements and also they need to submit all documentation of any criminal issue that a person has ever had. Any law enforcement contacts that they have needs to be addressed and disclosed on the application because there will be a fingerprint check that will be involved.

Parking Tickets

Out of all that has to be disclosed in the documents needed for requesting DACA in Fairfax, a parking ticket or moving violation are not one of them. However, a speeding ticket is reckless driving, so anything that is on the level of a misdemeanor definitely needs to be disclosed and any contact a person ever has had with law enforcement. If they have been arrested for driving without a license or something like that needs to be disclosed. All arrests even if they do not result in a conviction need to be disclosed but a person will not be barred unless they have a felony or significant misdemeanor or more than three misdemeanors of any kind.

Work Authorization

Anyone applying for work authorization in the US should be sure they are prepared with any and all documents needed for requesting DACA in Fairfax. The work authorization that a person receives is just a work permit basically and it allows them to work legally in the United States and a person has to renew it every two years. If a person is applying for work authorization for DACA and if their application is approved, they will be placed into something called deferred action status and that is that the government is acknowledging that they were here illegally but they are deferring action on their removal.

It is a tenuous status, it is not an affirmative status that the government is granting a person, it is a way that they are directing immigration enforcement to not act on the deportation proceedings or removal proceedings of an individual they know is here without status. It is a legal loophole that was structured under an executive order. It is a way to direct the resources of BHF prosecutors and ICE agents as opposed to creating an affirmative status for people who are here without papers.

ICE Agents

ICE agents are individuals who work for the immigration and customs enforcement branch of the Department of Homeland Security. It is the department that actually is trying to remove people who are here without status or who have violated their status. It may be critical to your future, to contact a DACA lawyer about the documents needed for requesting DACA in Fairfax.

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