Fairfax Asylum Application Considerations

Fairfax asylum application considerations can be clarified with the help of an experienced attorney. The difficulty of the Fairfax asylum application process as a whole depends on the basis for a person’s claim but it is a difficult area of law when the particular social group issue is not clear or when they do not have a tremendous amount of evidence of their persecution.

Applying for asylum is a complex legal application but the form itself is straightforward. A compassionate asylum lawyer can review the important facts of your case with you before submitting your application.

Possible Restrictions When Applying for Asylum

The main restriction that people run into problems with is the one-year filing deadline. If a person files a year after arriving in the United States, they need to have a very compelling reason for doing so, or if they have criminal grounds, they are not eligible for asylum if they have been convicted of a particularly serious crime, which is an individualized determination for many cases but many crimes will make the individual automatically ineligible for asylum because they will be considered particular serious crimes.

There is another asylum application consideration that is less common but can apply to some, which is the firm resettlement bar which means that if a person has firmly resettled in a third country other than the United States or their country of origin, then it can be determined that the person can be returned to the country that they are firmly resettled in if they do not face danger there.

Important Things to Remember

Fairfax asylum application considerations include having an extremely well-documented case with country condition reports and they need to be totally familiar with the minutiae of every detail of their claim and what was submitted in their asylum application before they attend the interview.

One really important thing that is related to that is a person’s own credibility which is extremely important in these cases especially in cases where they do not have a tremendous amount of documentary evidence proving past persecution. Their own declaration and statement about why they fear returning is the most important piece of evidence in the entire case.

If a person has a contradiction with their written statement and then the statements that they give orally during the interview or contradiction between their statement and information that they put into the asylum form, they are going to pick on that and they are going to be holding onto that, and even if they have an extremely strong case, it can be denied just based on lack of credibility.

Checking for Criminal Records

Fairfax asylum application considerations are important because the individual applying for asylum wants to be as prepared as possible for the application process. A person will have a criminal background check and they will have these fingerprints after submitting their application and a thorough background check will be done. A person is also required to disclose any prior criminal conduct either here or abroad on the asylum application itself. Aggravated felonies and most drug offenses will disqualify a person from asylum.

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