DC M-1 Visa Lawyer

If you are a foreign national wishing to attend a technical or vocational school, you may be eligible for an M-1 visa to study in the U.S. Consult with an experienced DC student visa attorney to receive a comprehensive assessment of your eligibility and guidance on the various visa requirements and application steps. Our seasoned DC M-1 visa lawyers will help you understand fully how the program works and how it can help you receive an invaluable education.

How a DC M-1 Visa Lawyer Can Help

We offer our clients full-scope assistance with M-1 visas. We are well-versed with the requirements and work hard to ensure that our clients fully understand them. The DC M-1 visa attorneys at our firm provide guidance to clients regarding which schools are approved for this program. We also assist clients with fulfilling the admission requirements for their school of choice, including gathering the necessary supporting documentation and advise them on the proper steps to follow at their respective U.S. Embassy or Consulate location. Throughout the entire process, we offer guidance tailored specifically for each of our clients, given their unique set of needs and circumstances.

M-1 Visa Overview

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) governs M-1 visas. M-1 visas are a type of student visa specifically for those wishing to study at technical or vocational schools. The school must be approved by Immigration & Customs Enforcement’s (ICE’s) “Student and Exchange Visitors Program.” Students wishing to participate must be enrolled full-time and must be proficient in English or be enrolled in studies to become proficient. Students must also be able to prove that they have the finances necessary to fund their schooling and pay for their living expenses during the course of the program.

How to Apply for an M-1 Visa in DC

Prior to applying for the M-1 visa, the student must apply and be admitted to an approved vocational or technical school. Schools have varying admission requirements for M-1 visa students, so it is important to submit all the necessary information to your school of choice when you apply.

Once the student has been admitted to an approved U.S. technical or vocational school, the student must apply for the M-1 visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. This includes paying the application fee, completing the Form DC-160, completing the form DC-157 (only for males age 16-45), presenting a valid passport, and providing recent photographs.

Get Help with Your DC M-1 Visa Application Today

There are many steps required to apply for an M-1 visa, and it is important that each step is completed in the proper order. Let a DC M-1 visa lawyer from our firm help you determine your eligibility and advise you on how to complete all the necessary steps to apply for your M-1 visa. We will ensure that you understand the requirements to remain in compliance with your visa and help you apply to extend your stay so that you can gain practical training in your field. Get an initial consultation when you call today.

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