DC LGBTQ Asylum Interviews

Filling out an application for refugee status is oftentimes a difficult process to undergo. Not only could it prove difficult to complete the application on your own, but it may also be troublesome to undergo an interview following the application process. For more information regarding DC LGBTQ asylum interviews, or for legal help if you have been scheduled for an interview, reach out to an experienced attorney today.

Purpose of an Asylum Interview

The asylum interview provides the applicant the opportunity to explain to the officer why they fear returning to their country and allows the applicant to provide more detailed information about their background, their country, and their asylum claim. If it is an affirmative asylum application, the asylum applicant would be interviewed at the local USCIS asylum office in their area. For DC, the local asylum office is in Arlington, Virginia.

How to Properly Prepare for a DC LGBTQ Interview for Sanctuary

An attorney may be able to help prepare an LGBTQ asylum applicant for a future interview or hearing by asking the applicant questions they believe would come up during the interview. If their attorney has assisted them in preparing the documentation and the forms, a lawyer may be able to use their knowledge of the case to ask the applicant questions in areas where the asylum claim is strong and expose areas where the claim is weak, thereby ensuring that the applicant is ready to face any questions that the asylum officer may throw their way.

Can a Lawyer Be Present in an Asylum Interview?

An attorney can be present during the asylum interview. However, the questions during the interview are directed toward the applicant. The lawyer, while present, would not be able to assist the applicant in answering questions. That is why preparation before the interview is most important. However, an attorney may be able to ask questions towards the end of the interview if they want the applicant to reiterate some key parts that would be important in determining whether a valid asylum claim has been presented.

Delivering Refugee Determinations

There are multiple ways that the asylum determinations are issued by the asylum office. An officer may inform an applicant that a decision is going to be issued in two weeks or so, or the applicant may receive notification in the mail at a later date. If the officer does not grant the applicant asylum, the applicant would also receive a letter stating that they have been referred to the immigration court where that asylum applicant receives an opportunity to appeal a decision and is able to present their asylum claim before an immigration judge.

Reach Out to a Lawyer Today

Filling out an application for refugee status is never an easy process without the help of a talented attorney. A lawyer with experience in LGBTQ asylum issues could prove to be most helpful in your case. For example, an attorney could help you obtain any supporting documentation proving your fear of returning to your country of origin. A lawyer could also sit with you during the DC LGBTQ asylum interviews to help you avoid making any mistakes. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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