Building a DC Deportation Defense

There are several factors that an immigration attorney will want to identify in a deportation case. As they are building a deportation defense case, an experienced deportation defense attorney will review any important paperwork, and conduct a comprehensive intake of the case. Dedicated lawyers will have a long list of questions to answer potential clients to ensure they do not miss any critical information.

Under these circumstances, it is essential that attorney is thorough. If you have any questions about building a deportation defense case, it is critical that you attain a knowledgeable lawyer. Even if you think that an aspect is not important, it could potentially impact your case, and your attorney will want as much information as possible as they are building a case.

Aspects to Identify in a Deportation Case

The first thing to identify in any deportation case is what kind of criminal record a client may have. If they have had any criminal problems, an attorney will need to evaluate what kind of an effect that’s going to have on their eligibility. The second thing is just evaluating what kind of relief they are eligible for. That just involves an extensive interview asking about their home country, their fear of return, whether and what kind of family they have here, determining whether anyone ever filed an immigration application for them before, asking whether or not they’ve been the victim of a crime, etc.

Challenging Aspects to Removal Proceedings

The emotional aspect is certainly one of the most challenging aspects of removal proceedings. It’s devastating to families a lot of times because sometimes people are deported for seemingly minor things. Unfortunately, it’s a system that can result in very unjust outcomes, and it’s important to have a legal advocate who understands how to defend you from these systemic shortcomings if you are threatened with removal.

Importance of an Attorney

It’s really important because number one, so much is at stake. Number two, immigration law is just an incredibly complex area of law. It’s really difficult for an individual to navigate removal proceedings on their own. Plus, it’s not like in a criminal proceeding where you’re entitled to have a public defender. If you don’t have an attorney, you’re really on your own, which can put you at a severe disadvantage.

When you’re facing removal proceedings, you should consider looking for an immigration attorney who knows the law, listens to their clients, and who has a lot of experience handling these unique types of cases. An experienced attorney has resources for building a deportation defense case. It’s a plus to find someone who also really likes doing this type of immigration law, which involved doing litigation and being in front of the court. Finding someone who is comfortable standing up in court and working on your behalf is a great benefit when you’re facing serious removal proceedings.

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