DC Cancellation of Removal For Lawful Permanent Residents

Generally, you’ll have a legal permanent resident who has committed a crime or violated their green card status in one way or another and then they are placed into removal proceedings. At that point, they’ll be issued something called the NTA or notice to appear which is the signifier that their removal proceedings have begun. Call a DC cancellation of removal attorney today to learn more.

Benefits of An Attorney

There are many reasons to work with an immigration attorney when you’re a lawful permanent resident facing removal. Our lawyers understand how stressful these situations can be, and we are here to provide our clients with compassion and aggressive advocacy. When you call our law offices and ask to speak with an immigration attorney, we’ll conduct what is called an initial consultation. This helps us to understand your unique set of needs. The sooner you call, the sooner we can find out what we can do to help.

Cancellation of Removal Process for LPRs

At that point, they should generally speak with an experienced immigration lawyer who can evaluate their eligibility for cancellation and begin preparing the application. At the first immigration court hearing with your attorney, you will inform the judge that the plan will be to apply for LPR cancellation. And then, there is a physical form that needs to be filed in the court and also with a USCIS service centers that they can record the filing of the application and schedule you for fingerprints.

The individual will be fingerprinted and the immigration court will schedule the applicant for what’s called the individual hearing, which is like a trial in immigration court. At the individual hearing, the person will argue in front of the judge the reasons they should be eligible for LPR cancellation. And if it’s granted, they’ll basically revert back to their LPR status that they had before the removal proceedings were initiated.

Frequently Asked Questions about LPR Cancellation of Removal

Below, one of our experienced immigration attorneys answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the cancellation of removal process for lawful permanent residents.

How Long Can Cancellation for Removal for LPRs Take?

Because you’re applying in front of the immigration court, your time frame will depend on the schedule of the court itself. So, it will depend on which court you’re in and the availability of court dates. Right now there are some courts that are backed up by more than four years, so it could be a very long process.

Should I Apply For Cancellation of Removal If I’m Eligible?

Yes, you definitely should because the only way you would be eligible to apply is if you’re in deportation proceedings and if you want to remain in the United States. You would want to do whatever is available to terminate the removal proceedings and go back to your legal permanent residence status. So, for many people it’s the only option in this kind of proceedings and it is a very good option for some people.

DC Cancellation of Removal For Lawful Permanent Residents

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