Common Issues with Arlington Immediate Family Visa Applications

If you are planning to file an application for an immediate family visa, or are helping a family member apply for a visa, it is likely that you may encounter obstacles throughout the application process. However, an experienced attorney could be a valuable asset to your case. An immigration lawyer could review your case and help you avoid the common issues with Arlington immediate family visa applications.

Difficulties Family Members May Face When Legalizing the Stay of an Immediate Relative

Some roadblocks that a person may face when legalizing the stay of an immediate relative include:

  • the manner of entry of the relative
  • a relative having a prior removal order
  • a relative with previous violations of immigration laws
  • a relative facing grounds of inadmissibility because of criminal-related issues, immigration-related issues, health-related issues, or security-related issues

Any petitioner encountering these common issues with Arlington immediate family visas should seek the consultation of an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible.

Common Examples an Individual Would be Denied an Immediate Relative Visa

One of the more common reasons why a person is not issued an immediate relative visa is the failure to prove the relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary. For example, if it is a spousal petition and the person is not able to show that it is a bona fide marriage, then the immediate relative visa may not be granted.

If there is a parent-child relationship and the person is not able to provide a birth certificate or other form of secondary evidence that verifies the parent-child relationship, then that immediate relative visa would be denied. Another common reason for a denial is that a waiver of inadmissibility is not filed in response to a finding of inadmissibility for past immigration violations or criminal offenses.

Common Mistakes Made During the Application Process

When people do not hire the services of an attorney, common mistakes seen in the application process include not showing proof of the relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary, not understanding that there are different preference categories for visas, and not understanding the different wait times. Another common mistake is not filing a waiver with an adjustment application. If the beneficiary has any grounds of inadmissibility, a mistake is not submitting an application for a waiver to have those bars to adjustment excused/forgiven to allow for adjustment.

Precautions to Take to Ensure a Successful Application

There are several precautions a person can take to ensure that their family member’s visa is not denied. One of the easier precautions a person could take is making sure the information that is submitted is correct. If something as simple as the date of birth or the spelling of someone’s name is wrong, then that can delay the application process, or cause the application to be denied. A person should also make sure that the beneficiary family member is actually eligible to adjust and that the relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary is established at the time of filing.

In order to prove that, the person has to provide any and all evidence that is required by USCIS and the National Visa. Such evidence can include marriage certificates, birth certificates, medical examinations, pictures, any police clearances, and more. Any documents that are in a foreign language should be translated into English and accompanied by a translation certification. They should also make sure that if there is a deadline to file a petition, they follow that deadline. USCIS is very strict with deadlines and is not willing to overlook that something was submitted late.

Importance of Contacting a Family Immigration Attorney in Arlington

Applying for a an immediate family visa is difficult for those who are without legal representation. This process requires applicants to submit various documents in order to ensure a successful application. However, it is extremely easy to make a mistake at any point during the application process. Doing so could mean that your application is delayed or even denied. For help with avoiding common issues with Arlington immediate family visa applications, retain the services of a trusted immigration attorney today.

Arlington Family Visa Applications

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