Risk of Deportation When Seeking Asylum in Arlington

If you are currently applying for refuge in the United States, one of the things on your mind might be the risk of deportation when seeking asylum in Arlington. A compassionate attorney with experience in asylum and immigration cases could help you prepare a strong application. They can help provide you with the peace of mind necessary to pursue your case.

Can Someone be Deported Whilst Waiting for Asylum Approval?

There are multiple elements to consider when understanding the risk of deportation when seeking asylum in Arlington. When an asylum applicant submits an affirmative asylum application if the asylum office cannot grant asylum, the applicant is referred to the immigration court. In immigration court, if an immigration judge cannot grant asylum, or any other form of relief, then the applicant may be ordered removed.

An asylum applicant will be removed if they commit what are considered serious crimes. There is no exact definition for a particularly serious crime, but aggravated felonies (including crimes of violence) will be considered particularly serious crimes. An asylum applicant can be ordered removed for other reasons other than crimes, such as failing to appear at a removal hearing, committing past immigration violations, or being a national security risk.

Defining Common Factors that Disqualify Someone From Being Granted Asylum

Disqualifying factors for asylum include failing to apply within one-year of entry to the US (without meeting eligibility for an exception), serious criminal and immigration violations, nationality security concerns, not providing sufficient evidence to prove asylum eligibility, and not testifying credibly.

An asylee can lose their status after being granted asylum which could contribute to the risk of deportation when seeking asylum in Arlington. Disqualifying crimes could have occurred in the US or elsewhere. An asylee can lose their status if they seek the protection from their home country, if the claim was fraudulent, or if they have been accused of a criminal offense.

Important Asylum Application Information

An asylee should know that crimes committed after a determination of asylee status will have an adverse consequence on applying for adjustment as well as whether the asylee status will be revoked. As of January 2018, the asylum office is scheduling interviews for applications submitted within 21 days. After the interview, the asylum office usually issues a decision within two weeks.  If the decision is to refer the case to the immigration court, it may take many years to have an individual merits hearing and be granted asylum.

Speaking with an Asylum Lawyer

With the assistance of an attorney, an asylum applicant facing removal will be able to provide the information necessary for an immigration judge to determine whether the applicant meets the legal standard for asylum. This means assisting in the preparation of a detailed statement, obtaining statements from witnesses, locating experts, and providing country condition evidence. In addition to assisting with the preparation of evidence, an attorney will be able to help the applicant prepare to testify before the immigration judge in the hopes of avoiding the risk of deportation when seeking asylum in Arlington.

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