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Filing an application for a U visa could be a troublesome and often stressful experience. Errors during the application process could result in having your application rejected or delayed depending on the specific circumstances of your case. However, a knowledgeable attorney may guide you during this process. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer today to get started on an Anne Arundel County U visa application.

How to Apply for a U Nonimmigrant Status in the United States

Individuals considering applying for the U nonimmigrant status who are in the United States should start by submitting Form I-918 which is the petition for U nonimmigrant status. Along with Form I-918, they also submit the I-918, Supplement B which is the U non-immigrant status certification. The Form I-918 Supplement B is then signed by a certifying officer confirming that the applicant suffered a qualifying crime and that they have cooperated or are willing to cooperate with law enforcement and prosecution in the investigation and prosecution of the crime.

In addition, the U visa applicant must provide a statement describing the crime that occurred and the mental and/or physical suffering they endured as a result of the crime. If applicable, the U visa applicant also submits From I-912, the application for advance permission to enter as a nonimmigrant if the U visa applicant needs to request a waiver of inadmissibility. In addition to the form, the U visa applicant should submit Form I-765, which is the application for employment authorization with their U visa application packet. This allows them to obtain employment authorization as soon as their U visa is approved.

Applying from Outside the US

The process for a person applying for U nonimmigrant status from outside the United States changes. The U visa applicant submits the same forms: Form I-918 and Form I-918, Supplement B. However, because the applicant is not in the United States, they must do biometrics, at the US embassy or consulate in the country in which they are located or one nearest to them to provide their fingerprints. If their Anne Arundel County U visa application is approved, the applicant must do consular processing abroad and is interviewed at a U visa embassy or consulate overseas, usually in the country in which live.

Providing Testimony for a U Visa Application

The type of testimony that someone in the process of obtaining a U visa provides is specific information regarding the crime committed against them. The information shows:

  • They are the victim of a qualifying crime; and
  • Evidence as to how they suffered mentally and/or physically as a result of the crime

Obtaining Law Enforcement Certification

In order to permit the certifying agency an opportunity to complete the form, the victim may submit to law enforcement or the prosecution Form I-918, Supplement B. Usually, the certifying agency would ask for the victim’s name, when the offense occurred, and where to search for case details in their database. The form asks that the certifying agency to provide information regarding the qualifying criminal activity, the nature of the cooperation provided by the applicant, as well as information about whether the case is ongoing.

However, a certifying agency is not required by law to complete a U visa certification. Whether law enforcement would sign a certification is a matter of discretion and the policies within that agency. A victim is more likely to have a certification signed if he or she requests certification in a timely fashion, provides sufficient details as to the nature of the crime (time, place, and injury suffered), and explain the nature of the cooperation.

Get Help with your U Visa Application in Anne Arundel

If you or someone you love requires assistance with an Anne Arundel County U visa application, it may be worthwhile to investigate the services on a trusted immigration attorney. A lawyer could guide you through the application process, potentially freeing you from the possibility of committing any harmful errors. A lawyer could also help you gather any supporting documents that may be required to be submitted along with your application. For more information, or to get started on your application, contact an attorney today.

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